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Accounts Teacher jobs in Delhi

Key Skills

Accounts Teacher Accounts Head Accounts Officer Accountant

Job Description

Freelance tutoring for college students, graduates, and professionals!

Course Hero is an online platform that connects tutors, educators, and students globally.

As a tutor on Course Hero, you are answering homework questions as a freelance tutor, which means you can work when you want, where you want. You earn by providing accurate, original solutions. Teach by providing text-based answers. At the same time, you can earn up to $16 per question. When you apply, pick subjects that youre most comfortable and knowledgeable about and start helping students in your own way.


At least a college student who has taken most of the major subjects

College graduates and licensed professionals are a plus!

No work or teaching background/experience is needed.


Work from home (we do not encourage our tutors to use mobile on the platform)

Flexible time -- earn supplemental income while pursuing your degree/career.

Earn up to $1500+*/month!

To apply, prepare the requirements needed:

-1 educational background document: diploma, copy of grades, or transcript of records. (screenshot or scanned copy is fine)

-1 any certificates or certificate of employment (if available)

-1 valid ID (school or government)

***Important: Compile all in 1 pdf file.

-Selfie with the same valid ID

Next Step:

Apply to this post and we'll send you the next step through your personal email or SMS. Please check your Inbox/Spam.

About Course Hero

We are an online learning platform that empowers students and educators to succeed in the academic world. Course Hero strives to help every student graduate confident in their abilities and be prepared for what’s next after college. Our tutors teach by giving text-based answers. It provides a lot of impact especially for students having a hard time with their academics. At the same time, tutors can earn as much as 2 to 16 dollars per question.


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