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  • How to choose the best Recruitment Agencies in Delhi

    Placement Solutions | By: Admin |  Oct 16, 2018

    Recruiters facilitate the journey of job seekers and help them to get hired. Their expertise in connecting the right candidates with the right company smoothens the road of struggle for job seekers. Employers and job seekers ...
  • Top Benefits Of A Recruitment Agency For Your Business

    Placement Solutions | By: Admin |  Oct 05, 2018

    Right team is the key to a successful business while a wrong hire can cost a fortune. For every business, be it small or medium, hiring the right candidate is often a demanding and time-taking process. Money and efforts requi...
  • How to Prepare for Govt Jobs

    Career News | By: Admin |  Sep 28, 2018

    Getting a Government job in Delhi is like icing on the cake. The perks of a government job and opportunity to live in the capital of India are not less than a dream come true.  Govt jobs in India come with loads of benefits l...
  • Why Recruitment Agencies are the Best Solution for Employers?

    Placement Solutions | By: Admin |  Sep 24, 2018

    Recruitment agencies in Delhi NCR are growing in leaps and bounds. With each passing years, more and more employers are placing trust in these agencies for their manpower hiring. Recruitment is not as simple as it appears...
  • 3 Surefire Ways to Submit Your Resume

    Career Tips | By: Admin |  Sep 17, 2018

    A jobseeker’s real disappointment comes when he finds him unsure of the submission of his resume. Even after radical advancements in the internet technology, a sizeable talent pool still resorts to the conventional method of ...
  • Common Hiring Mistakes and Solution

    HR Speak | By: Admin |  Sep 12, 2018

    "People are not your most important asset. The right people are." The saying by Jim Collins is true indeed and would surely get a nod from every employer. The right people can be hired with only a right hiring process. Mistakes...

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