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  • 5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Recruitment Agency

    Career Tips | By: Admin |  Aug 16, 2018

    Hiring right candidates is no way less challenging than finding a suitable job and to conquer this challenge the companies take services of a recruitment agency. These agencies can simplify the search for the right candidates and close...
  • 5 Important Things Your Resume Say About You

    Resume Tips | By: Admin |  Aug 07, 2018

    Resume talks to your prospective employer. You may think that it is just showing your academic record, work experience and other details but it tells a lot more to your recruiter. Resume reveals a lot about you which you may not have s...
  • 4 Useful Tips For Writing An Effective Resume

    Career Tips | By: Admin |  Aug 06, 2018

    Resume is the key tool to sell your candidature. Whether you submit your CV on a job portal or apply via a placement consultant or recruitment agency, your chances to be shortlisted for screening only depends on your resume. No mat...
  • Checklist For A Resume That Works For You

    Career Tips | By: Admin |  Jul 30, 2018

    Resume is the most important tool of a job seeker. It represents you before your prospective employer and decides your prospects to be shortlisted for the job you have applied for. That is why job seekers invest a lot of time and energ...
  • 5 Amazing Advantages Of Hiring Through A Recruitment Agency

    Recruiter Mantra | By: Admin |  Jul 19, 2018

    According to a Forbes report, the cost of hiring can exceed $40,000 per worker. This includes the cost of employing HR team, advertising job openings, scanning resumes, screening candidates, interviews, training, and lost productivity ...
  • 5 Effective Tips For Finding The Perfect Job

    Career Tips | By: Admin |  Jul 19, 2018

    Though people say perfection is unattainable but still everyone tries to attain it. Especially when it comes to choosing a job, every candidate, be a fresher or experienced aspire to find the perfect job. Digitalization has definitely ...

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