Safety Guide

PlacementIndia.Com offers a platform for interaction of Job Seekers with prospective Employers and Consultants. Our role is only in provision of services to Job seekers and Employers/Consultants to fulfil their requirements. We in no way promote or endorse any of the claims of the members associated with us. A widely popular and trusted brand name, Placement India.Com is associated with numerous consultants, recruitment firms, companies and corporate of repute who use its manpower solutions. All registered members are bound by Terms and Conditions, which clearly specify that the services should be used in an ethical manner so as to strictly restrict the fraud, scams and cheating and safeguard the interests of our job seekers.

Despite all the measures taken by us, the authenticity of the employers, the jobs posted or offers sent across can however never be guaranteed. To keep yourselves protected from such cases, we advise you to stay alert and analyse each offer, opening in detail before drawing a conclusion. We also request you to bring to light any suspicious activity so that we can promptly notify the member in question and take necessary steps to prevent further harm. We also broadcast any such suspicious activities in the Fraud Alert section to keep our job seekers aware. We don’t represent or promote any such fraudulent communication and categorically deny any affiliation with such fraudulent set ups.

Arm yourself to identify Frauds
The email frauds commonly are initiated by email IDs that closely resemble the source which they intend to use. E.g. They can be broadly categorized into Spoofing and Phishing.

Spoofing: An easy fraudulent attempt, spoof emails come requesting you for monetary transactions or providing fraudulent offer letters / training letters or assuring jobs which generally either give incorrect contact information or don’t provide complete contact information.

Phishing: A popular trick used by fraudsters wherein they send emails in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, online. This could be through links in the mail which would be redirected to fraudulent login pages where your account details such as account number, login information and other personal details can be retrieved.

Suggested warning signs to watch out for in emails received by you:

  • Non provision of complete contact information and details
  • Seek your bank related information such as credit card numbers, bank account details
  • Ask for unwanted personal information and other irrelevant non-work related information
  • Promise jobs abroad and charge money for fulfilling the formalities
  • Assure placement and paid training and take charges for the same
  • Specifically and categorically ask you to not interact with firm or Placement India.Com

We strongly advice a through enquiry from your end so that you are sure of the authenticity of such mails and proceed with any sort of interaction only when sure.

Checklist for Verification

To help you differentiate a genuine employer and save yourself from frauds, here are a few tips for you:

  • Check whether the offer you have received is against any job opening you have applied to or has it been received directly.

  • Check out the details of the company from which offer has been received through online search engines such as Yahoo, Google etc.

  • Take a careful look at the email ID to see whether there is any connectivity between the company referred to and the email ID used. Most genuine companies use email IDs such as

  • Check if they seek any monetary transaction. The companies that seek money from you in lieu of employment in most cases would be fraudulent.

  • Check all these details and analyse past history especially in cases where the job offers are from abroad.

Our primary concern is always Client Satisfaction and we leave no stone unturned in keeping your association with us absolutely safe, hassle free and fraud free.

In case you come across any such doubtful offer / opening / communication, do bring it to our notice.Send your Feedback Now.

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