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Best Recruitment Agencies in Pune

  • Pimple Gurav, Pune, Maharashtra | More..
    4.1 10 reviews
    Permanent Recruitment Solutions Hiring high volume of quality staff is an extremely challenging, expensive and time consuming process, yet it always a key to organizational success. Our permanent recruitment solutions allow clients to outsource part....
    2+ Cities 9+ Industries 50+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra
    3.0 3 reviews
    Our Recruitment Consultants service is meant for organizations that are looking for C-suite employees who meet their organizational goals and share the same organizational values, thereby contributing to the growth of the organization. we deal in ....
    11+ Cities 2+ Industries 1+ Jobs
  • pune, Maharashtra
    4.1 10 reviews
    Talented pool of people is indeed an assent for any organization. Hence it becomes extremely important for organizations to find a right talent for the right job as the right talent is crucial for the growth of company. And, in order to attract....
    6+ Cities 34+ Industries 150+ Jobs
  • pune, Maharashtra
    4.7 10 reviews
    Obtaining a job that is best applicable to you and your qualification is not easy always. One needs to put extraordinary efforts to get a perfect job of his or her own choice. Therefore it’s crucial for staffers to meet the right employers at the....
    7+ Cities 30+ Industries 61+ Jobs
  • pune, Maharashtra
    4.7 3 reviews
    Colin Pritams Consultancy and Multi Services is a premier name in the placement sector of Maharashtra. The company operates from Maharashtra and we provide placement consultancy to job seekers - fresher and experienced professionals. A team of....
    7+ Cities 18+ Industries 56+ Jobs
  • Pune,Maharastra, Maharashtra
    4.3 3 reviews
    As a placement consultant or recruitment consultant at Hiresafe, we help candidates to select the most suitable jobs in the market based on their experience, sets of skills, training and education. Many large businesses have now started hiring....
    7+ Cities 28+ Industries 66+ Jobs
  • Pune, Deccan Gymkhana, Maharashtra
    4.4 7 reviews
    Since its inception, HB SOLUTION has provided Professional Recruitment Consultants to both new and experienced job seekers. The business is headquartered in KALYAN, MAHARASHTRA, and we offer complete support for your placement needs. A team of....
    5+ Cities 14+ Industries 44+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra | More..
    4.7 3 reviews
    Pacific Placements and Business Consultancy Pvt. Ltd is a leading Job Recruitment Consultancy in Kolhapur. We are a familiar and respectable name in the consultancy field and have helped several clients and organizations to find jobs and manpower....
    5+ Cities 47+ Industries 405+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra | More..
    5.0 2 reviews
    Corporate recruitment for PAN India +4000 corporate tie up since 2016 , 30 recruiters team working all managerial position / experience / location (1) All type IT software developers PHP ,java , android , . net , UI , full stack , web....
    7+ Cities 4+ Industries

  • HR Pioneer STAR
    Pune,Maharastra, Maharashtra
    4.4 7 reviews
    Job Agencies, Job Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Websites, Find A Recruitment Agency, Placement Company, Freelancing Consultants
    1+ Cities 3+ Industries 3+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra
    4.3 7 reviews
    Are you facing problems in the recruitment procedure? If yes, then avail our services now. At Prime Star HR, we are instrumental in rendering reliable recruitment consultancy services to the organizations across Mumbai (Maharashtra, India). As....
    5+ Cities 33+ Industries 130+ Jobs
  • pune, Maharashtra
    4.5 4 reviews
    Based in Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh, India), Kavya Management Services is a reliable name when it comes to manpower recruitment/provider services. If you are looking for assistance in finding the right talent for temporary and permanent job....
    4+ Cities 14+ Industries 287+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra
    4.6 7 reviews
    Are you looking for professional manpower recruitment services? If yes, we at Eminenze Solutions are here to assist you. Our higher-quality manpower solutions are to use high proficiency and the latest recruitment. Our team will help you improve the....
    7+ Cities 27+ Industries 105+ Jobs
  • Job Jerky STAR
    Pune,Maharastra, Maharashtra
    Trust is the cornerstone of every successful Recruitment Agency relationship, and at JOB JERKY, we take it very seriously. We understand that trust must be earned, and we are committed to earning and maintaining the trust of our clients every day.
    7+ Cities 13+ Industries 21+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra
    4.6 5 reviews
    Employment Services, Job Recruitment Agency, Recruitment Company, Professional Recruitment Consultants, Placement Consultant, Placement Service Provider, Domestic Placement Company, Freelancing Service Provider
    5+ Cities 10+ Industries 1+ Jobs
  • Career Choice Solution, Pune, Maharashtra
    4.7 9 reviews
    We are an Incorporate as per India Company Act 1956 Recruitment Agency and Placement Consultants in Mumbai, Maharashtra from India. Now we are National and International base offering Recruitment Services like Placement Consultants, Recruitment....
    5+ Cities 28+ Industries 46+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra | More..
    4.6 5 reviews
    Jyoti Placements is a one-stop destination catering to varied requirements in the field of Job Placement, Content Writing.The company has been engaged in offering exceptional placement/ recruitment solutions,placement consultancy services, Manpower....
    7+ Cities 19+ Industries 56+ Jobs
  • Millicon Consultant Engineers, Pune, Maharashtra
    4.8 39 reviews
    We are one of the leading Manpower Employment Services providers and staffing solution company. We have great services to offer you such as Manpower Recruitment, IT Recruitment, Placement Services, JOB consultancy services etc. We are always here....
    3+ Cities 28+ Industries 389+ Jobs
  • Pune,Maharashtra
    4.0 7 reviews
    Are you searching for the right candidates for a particular job vacancy? If yes, then avail our services to make the recruitment process easy for you. Engaged in offering placement consultancy services,IT Staffing solution, Manpower recruitment....
    5+ Cities 5+ Industries 23+ Jobs

  • Pune, Maharashtra
    4.3 9 reviews
    If you are a fresher or a professional, a new kickstart is a must in the professional life. If you wish to start a new journey in the career chosen by you then it is time to meet us. We are located in New Delhi and offer the placement services in....
    4+ Cities 30+ Industries 518+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra
    4.7 9 reviews
    If you are a job seeker and looking for expert assistance for securing the job of your choice, look no further than Sunshine Manpower Solution and Services and one of the leading Recruitment Agency in India. Based in Udaipur (Rajasthan, India), we....
    4+ Cities 28+ Industries 235+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra
    5.0 3 reviews
    If you are looking for efficient candidates for different posts at your office, then avail our services now. At Recruation Recruitment Agency we are engaged in offering excellent placement services to the companies across Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh,....
    5+ Cities 15+ Industries 35+ Jobs
  • Pune,Maharastra, Maharashtra
    4.3 3 reviews
    Viable Search Consultants provides you with the best placement consultants. Our company have been working with different clients over the years. Our clients appreciate the work that we do and the services that we provide. The Recruitment Agency of....
    5+ Cities 8+ Industries 20+ Jobs
  • Dishi HR Solutions, Pune, Maharashtra
    4.6 10 reviews
    We are one of the noticeable Recruitment/Placement Agencies or Job consultant. We are engaged in offering manpower recruitment services, placement services, job placement services, job consultancy services, manpower consultancy services,staffing....
    5+ Cities 12+ Industries 1+ Jobs
  • Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra | More..
    4.0 8 reviews
    Having its base in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Genius Manpower Solutions is among the top leaders in the HR business and working as a renowned Placement consultant. Our team of Placement consultants is carefully examining the candidates focused on....
    1+ Cities 20+ Industries 6+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra | More..
    4.5 11 reviews
    Any employer's major area of concern is staffing his organization. VPS Team's goal is to supply Best-fit Staffing Solutions to its Corporate Clients spread in India and overseas.
    1+ Cities 25+ Industries 66+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra
    Recruitment Sites, Employment Recruitment Agencies, Jobs Agencies, Placement Service, Domestic Placement Company, Domestic Placement Services, Permanent Temporary Staffing Service Provider Work At Home Services
    3+ Cities 5+ Industries 9+ Jobs
  • Magarpatta city, Pune, Maharashtra
    3.8 10 reviews
    Dahod Consultancy Services is the best placement consultant in Gujarat. We are the most trusted and have a great reputation as a placement consultancy agency in the city. We have pride in our large database of clients and offering the best services....
    6+ Cities 5+ Industries 4+ Jobs
  • Pune, Maharashtra
    4.0 3 reviews
    Inspire Consultancy Services is a Bangalore based placement consultant, Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Agent offering reliable solutions to patrons across Delhi, Mumbai, and other states of India. We act as a helping hand for the companies as we....
    5+ Cities
  • Pune,Maharastra, Maharashtra
    4.0 3 reviews
    As part of the wide range of services, Succedere Solutions offers its customers with manpower recruitment services. We cater to various candidates who looking for jobs in industries such as IT, BPO, manufacturing, engineering, construction, finance,....
    5+ Cities 10+ Industries 66+ Jobs
  • pune, Maharashtra
    4.6 9 reviews
    Job Agencies, Recruitment Consultants, Hiring Agencies, Jobs Recruitment Service, Online Recruitment Agencies, Placement Service Provider, Permanent Temporary Staffing Consultants
    4+ Cities 29+ Industries 150+ Jobs
  • pune, Maharashtra
    4.3 7 reviews
    Career Entry is among Mumbai, Maharashtra's leading placement consultancies. We are committed to providing home placement services. Because we are a reliable placement consultant, we lead new and experienced candidates to secure good jobs with....
    5+ Cities 9+ Industries 8+ Jobs
  • Talentmart Consultants, Pune, Maharashtra
    4.1 7 reviews
    It is a time-consuming and complex job to sift through the bundle of job applications and find the right candidates to fill in your vacancies. We offering placement consultancy services, Manpower recruitment services,staffing solution, placement....
    4+ Cities 17+ Industries
  • Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra
    4.0 7 reviews
    For the smooth recruitment of highly qualified professionals for your firm, avail our recruitment consultancy services. We have maintained a well-organized database of the job seekers including freshers and experienced, who excel at their jobs. With....
    6+ Cities 28+ Industries
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Recruitment Agency Pune FAQs

1. Should I register my CV with recruitment agencies in pune?

Yes, it is an excellent decision to register your CV with a few good recruitment agencies in pune so that they have your details on their record for when a job role in your specialization comes up. Registering with a popular recruitment agency in pune is a great way to overcome your worries during your initial job search.

2. Do recruitment agencies in pune help me in making my CV more appealing to recruiters ?

Yes, there are many recruitment agencies in pune, which can help you in improving your CV making it more appealing to recruiters.

3. Is it easy to get a job through a placement consultancy in pune?

Yes, getting a job through a placement consultancy in pune is easy. Placement agencies in pune maintain high entry requirements for potential candidates. As per your specific skill set and capabilities, you can quickly get the right job in the right company through a placement agency in pune.

4. Do recruitment agencies in pune charge candidates?

Most recruitment agencies in pune are paid by employers and do not charge candidates. A recruitment agency may charge a fee for additional services like Resume Writing, CV optimizing, etc. but job sourcing is absolutely free. It is recommended to check with the agency before giving a request for consultancy.

5. Do recruitment agencies in pune conduct interviews?

Instead of interviewing aspirants for specific job vacancies, recruitment agencies in pune guide deserving candidates with the necessary training to groom their overall personality and improve their communication skills.

6. What services do recruitment agencies in pune offer?

Recruitment agencies in pune help find suitable candidates for job vacancies. They work directly with employers to provide the best fit for their vacant positions and source new opportunities, edit and optimize CVs, and even help candidates in interview preparation.

7. How long does it take to get a suitable job through a recruitment agency in pune?

Based on your skills and experience, the recruitment agency can provide you with job opportunities. You can expect to wait for a few weeks to months to get a suitable job through a recruitment agency in pune.

8. Can I get part-time jobs or freelance jobs through a placement consultant in pune?

Yes, a placement consultant in pune can help you in getting part-time jobs and freelance jobs. The services are provided only on the basis of your interests and qualification/specialization.

Career Insights For Your Growth

Pune is one of the top three cities in India where people are relocating because of the amazing employment opportunities. In fact Pune has become one of the most preferable cities for youngsters to move on after their studies. Loads of IT and science graduates relocate to Pune with dreams of getting hired by leading IT companies. The coming of new-age industries like BPOs, startups, and KPOs etc., in these cities are giving rise to hundreds and thousands of job opportunities to all the job aspirants in the city. The top placement consultancies and recruitment agencies are helping the job seekers and companies connect to form a balance in the job market. While the job seekers are consulting the job consultants in Pune to get placed in their desired company, the companies are also hiring a consultant and taking its services to fulfill their manpower needs.

The city is also considered as the emerging IT and R&D hub. Those looking for IT job or job in the research and development departments are also consulting the best recruitment agencies and placement consultancies to find ideal job opportunities. The corporate houses, companies with international headquarters, local businesses and even the startup companies take the services of job consultants to get well-groomed candidates for their job openings. These consultancies also shape a candidate’s personality and train them for interviews in different sectors in the small, medium as well as large scale industries.

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