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199/d, 1st Floor 4th Main Road,\r\nhal 3rd Stage, Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Veeday Consultants is a Leading Search and Recruitment Firm Specializing in Various Domains Including Engineering, Oil & Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Design Services, Quality, Educational Institutions, Industrial Training, Information Technology & Software. Started in 2001, Veeday Has Been Working with Some of Best Known Companies to Provide Contingency Recruitment Services in India, Middle East & Us Across Positions

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    • Overseas Placement : Overseas Placement, Overseas HR Consultancy, Overseas Placement Services, Overseas Placement Service Provider, Overseas Placement Consultants, Overseas Job Placement Consultants, Job Placement Overseas, Overseas Placement Company
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    • Corporate Training : Best Corporate Training, Corporate Training Solutions, Top Corporate Training Provider Companies, Best Corporate Training Institutes, Corporate Training Courses, Corporate Online Training

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