Channelplay Limited


Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Channelplay provides a full-service mix of Technology Solutions, Consulting Services & Execution Capability to help its clients run a high-ROI retail & distribution channel. With over 6000 employees across 300 cities & over 100 bluechip customers, our solutions deliver proven value to some of the world's most demanding customers.

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  • Our Services

    • Recruitment Agency : Channelplay is a specialized sales and field marketing staffing company. Our expertise and processes in sales and marketing program management, integrated with our services of sales hiring, field force training & sales force automation software make us highly differentiated from all-purpose staffing companies and help us deliver the best run, highest ROI sales and marketing programs in the industry.
  • Industries we serve:

    Consumer Durables / Electronics

We are currently hiring for (1 jobs)
  1. 2 - 8 yrs
  2. Mumbai

Key Skills : Data Analysis, Data Management, MIS Analyst, Data Interpretation, Advance ...