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Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Theron International is about delivering measurable value service that results in better hires, faster solutions, improved retention, thereby enhancing your business performance.
    Human Capital is by far, the most valued
    asset of any organization. Finding and
    retaining the right people, in this
    competitive environment, is the primary
    concern facing many organizations.
    At Theron International we have used
    our experience in Human Resources consulting,
    to design a sourcing system, that will identify the right candidate in a fast and efficient way.

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  • Our Services

    • Recruitment Agency : In the contingency recruitment model for permanent openings we have agreed terms and conditions with our clients and supply them with people on an as needed basis. We collect payment after the candidate joins. In this model we use available databases, contracted advertising on job boards in addition to our generic database to fulfill a position with our client. The recruiters working on this model are well trained in this methodology - they are generalists who work on multiple requirements at the same time and fulfill a variety positions. This methodology of recruitment, works best if you are looking for junior to middle level generic positions. Should you be looking for "Niche skills or Senior resources" you should be looking at our Executive Search and Selection Model.
    • HR Solutions : Theron International provides clients with the necessary tools to assess, hire , engage, and retain their most valuable asset: people. We can assist our clients through a series of surveys & assessments to scope job requirements, evaluate how potential employees fit jobs, and identify changes that will keep employees engaged in their jobs. The bottom line is we help our clients improve productivity and drive profits.
    • Corporate Training : Companies must make dramatic changes and accelerate the development of their people to compete in today's fast paced world - or face the possibilities of being left behind. Theron International offers custom designed training programmes in the areas of Leadership and Mentoring. We endeavor to be a catalyst for harnessing leadership potential and hence effectively contribute to the growth of the organization and individual.
  • Industries we serve:

    IT-Hardware & Networking / IT-Software / Software Services, Engineering / Cement / Metals

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