Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Job Seekers

Here are certain topics, related to which there may be some questions in your mind. We have carefully thought over these questions and tried our best to give you an explaination of these, so that you can avail our serivces at your best!

How do I search for suitable jobs at

You can search for the job openings posted at as per your keyskill and preffered location through the search option. You can also check out the jobs by skill, role and location through respective links.


Is resume posting must, to apply for a job opening at

If you are not registered at, then also you can apply to any jobs by filling a small form while applying.


How can I apply for a job at your site?

As a registered member you can login at and apply to any job as per your requirement only just by hitting "Apply Now" button. If you are not yet registered then also you can apply through "Apply Now" button where you have to fill a simple form.


Can I keep track of the jobs applied by me till date, as well as the responses from Employer's side against my job application?

Yes. You can "login to your folder" and use the "Jobs Applied by You" link under "My Application" section to get a brief about the jobs applied by you at till date as well as can also check out the replies from the Employers/Recruiters against your job applications.


Can I shortlist suitable jobs in a separate section while conducting jobs search and apply to them later?

Yes, you can only if you are loged in at In every Job detail page you will find a link "Save this Job", and the job will be saved in your folder in "Jobs Saved by You" section under "My Application".


Can I apply to the same job, multiple times with different resumes?

No, you can apply to a job opening ONLY ONCE and that too with a single resume (which you can decide while forwarding your resume against the job).

This is avoid any inconvenience at the Employer's side, who may get a little confused on seeing multiple resumes or same resume multiple times from the same job seeker.


How long does it take to get a response from the recruiter?

We merely act as a mediator between you and the recruiter and thus we can't urge them for speedy responses, or even to respond to your application for the job. Further, the promptness of the response may depend on the recruiter itself or sometimes on your resume/qualifications.


I haven't got any response against my job application. Is there any way to contact the Employer again?

After conducting "Job Search" and finding a job of your interest, all you need to do is to fill the "Response Form for Job Seeker", provided just below the detailed job, wherein you'll be required to enter your E-mail ID and Password with which you have registered at

Since we don't allow you to forward your resume again for the same job, so all you can do is to wait for the response from Employer's end.

Sometimes, the Employers shortlist the job seekers only after getting an ample of applications and so there occurs some delay from their side also.

You must also check out the space available in your mail box. If your mailbox quota is full then the mails from the Employer's side will be bounced back and you may loose a good job offer.

Alternatively, keep checking the "Status for Applied Jobs" section in your folder from time to time, to know about the reply from Employer's side.


What is the significance of furnishing Email ID?

Based on the particulars you post while registering, we find out the jobs matching the criteria(s) specified by you and mail you all such jobs as "Job Alerts". Since job alerts are sent to the E-mail address furnished by you, it is imperative that you mention your genuine E-mail ID in order to be benefited by this service of ours. Apart from this, your E-mail ID also serves as your Login-ID and we recognize you on our site by your E-mail only.


Can I apply to any of the job openings at your site?

Of course yes,


What is your service of FREE job alerts?

Under FREE Job Alerts, we forward the job openings posted at to your mailbox, whose requirement matches your resume details. You can have a look at the job details and apply to them if found suitable. This saves your time & effort usually spent in searching for suitable jobs at the site.

Note: You must have your resume posted in the category whose job openings you want to be mailed to your mailbox.


Do you send my resume to recruiters?

It depends. Some recruiters apply for a service whereby we mail them all the resumes which fall under the category(s) specified by them. If yours is also in the same category, it will also be mailed to the recruiters. Otherwise too, the recruiters are entitled to search the resumes posted by the job seekers, and if you are the one, they had been looking for, they can download your resume and can contact you thereafter.


How frequently are the new jobs posted on your website?

The recruiters all over the world keep posting jobs seven days a week at, thus the site is being updated every minute. So, every time you log on, you'll find fresh jobs waiting for you.

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