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  • GS Group is a well-known placement consultant located in NOIDA (U.P). We are engaged in serving clients by offering different services under the same roof. People connect with us and utilize different services without making a huge expenditure. We facilitate with overseas placement, HR consultancy, career consultancy, and education consultancy. Furthermore, a special team of ours is assigned the duty of serving clients with housekeeping, immigration, and security services in NOIDA.

    Established : 2012

    Owner : Mr. MP Singh Rana

    Security Services : The safety of the residential & commercial areas requires a different approach. Assure a high-scale security by getting in touch with GS Group. We operate as a security service provider in NOIDA (U.P). Ours is a team of professional security personnel. The recruiting panel employs them on the basis of their experience, problem-solving skills, and physical statistics. Furthermore, the teams of security personnel are trained to combat different situations and give first-aid in case of casualties. Feel free to connect with GS Group for hiring the security of the bouncers, bodyguards, gunmen, and security guards. We are also offering voguing services in NOIDA. Connect with us and know more about it.

    Housekeeping Services : Having a domestic assistance always proves to be beneficial in determining the hygiene of a place. Get the best team of housekeeping staff by getting in touch with GS Group. We are serving as a housekeeping service provider in NOIDA (U.P). The unit of our housekeeping personnel is trained in managing multiple tasks like dusting, trash removal, cleaning, cooking etc., All these tasks are bifurcated among professionals as per their skills. Moreover, they are also trained to handle the machines like a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, and oven for the comfort of clients. Many corporal companies, hotels, restaurants, and eateries fall under our clientele.

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  • Our Services

    • Recruitment Agency : Recruitment Agency, Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Companies, Professional Recruitment Consultants, Permanent Temporary Staffing Consultants
    • HR Solutions : GS Group is located in NOIDA (U.P) and known as an HR consultant in the city. We are aided by a team of HR professionals that help startups in establishing their company and employee-related policies. They’re specialists in amending the existing client related policies of established companies. Apart from this, the HR consultants can perform all the duties of an HR professional like shortlisting candidates and scheduling interviews, issuing letters, keeping a track record of payslips etc. Do not hesitate in making the best use of our HR consultancy service. It can be utilized on a contractual basis.
    • Overseas Placement Services : There are innumerable job opportunities in different countries across the globe. Many working professionals and fresher candidates want to start a new professional life by working in a foreign land. Searching for a job overseas becomes convenient with GS Group. We are located in NOIDA (U.P) and offer overseas placement to job seekers. Registering with us enables a person to apply for several job opportunities in the specific field he/she specializes in. We have been providing placement in different industries of the insurance, BPO, finance, engineering, pharmaceuticals, education/training, retail, healthcare/medical, construction, automobile, and much more. Get in touch with us today.
    • Education Consultancy : GS Group operates from NOIDA (U.P) as an education consultant in the city. We are backed by a team of education consultants that keep a check on the provision of right education material to students. Furthermore, the consultants also organize meetings with faculty for assessing the teaching methods and strategies. The tips for applying the new teaching strategies are also unveiled to teachers. Many educational institutions like coaching centers, schools, universities, and colleges get in touch with us to utilize our education consultancy in order to give a better shape to the future of a student.
    • Immigration Services : Immigrating to a different nation is not an effortless task. An individual has to complete a lot of paperwork to complete the immigration procedure. Get it done easily without spending an extra penny by connecting with GS Group. We are located in NOIDA (U.P) and offer immigration services. Our team of consultants is engaged in assisting applicants for procuring the passport/visa and completing the paperwork. In addition to this, applicants can get their documentation transferred online for urgent purposes. Our immigration services are being utilized by many people that want to immigrate for different reasons to a country.
    • Career Consultant : Many students lack a clear vision for selecting the right career in the near future. To enhance the clarity and assist students in choosing the right career, GS Group is here to help. We are based in NOIDA (U.P) and offer career consultancy. Ours is a team of qualified career consultants that guide & counsel students in choosing a suitable career for future. Seminars and workshops are conducted by our team of career consultants in NOIDA where people get their doubts cleared. Moreover, one also gets the guidance for pursuing the right course in order to enhance his knowledge related to it.
  • Industries we serve:

    Banking, Investments, Stock Market & Financial Services, Computer / IT

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Key Skills : security gaurd

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  2. Ranchi, Bangalore, Pune, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Patiala, Kanpur

Key Skills : Banking Executive