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  • SREESAI JOB SERVICES facilitates the companies to list the job vacancies with details of requirements and the employment seekers to enrol in one platform and allows the companies to recruit right employee and the employee to choose suitable employment. We further extend value added and services incidental to the recruitment process. We are committed to bridge the employers and employees and their needs so as to have a best employer employee relationship for a long time.

    Our Mission And Goal : To bring together the employment providers and employment seekers to ease in providing HR solutions and manpower requirements.

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  • Our Services

    • HR Solutions : Generally every employer expects suitable work force duly trained and skilled to accomplish their corporate goals in their business prospects. We are here to take up the job of providing HR solutions to recruit suitable employees.
    • Recruitment Agencies : We offer hiring and agency services to companies requiring recruiting the employees for their needs. We place the position of vacancies and requirements of the candidates for the positions on the advertising platform suits to the company needs. We design the process of recruitment, tests and finally interview and accommodate the entire clerical and professional work incidental to. We also take care of the interviewers specialised and required if any. So the companies get rid of all the hardship and save time and money.
    • Education Consultants : We undertake collaboration services to institutions, course selection, Entrance Exam – Coaching Classes, Registration of entrance tests, Educational Counselling, Offers and admission in Universities/ Colleges, Study Abroad Loan Assistance guidance, University Selection, Visa Assistance.
    • Corporate Training : The Purpose of training for employees in institutions, companies or business entities is to impart necessary up to date job knowledge and skills with in-built package of motivation and change of attitudes for best output of their job roles, ensuring the long-term success, sustainability and profitability of the corporate. The next part of corporate training is developmental programs, focusing mainly on inculcating broader skills and professionalism in their fields to tackle different situations. Making right and timely decisions, lead the teams and work forces and setting and achieving corporate goals.
  • Industries we serve:

    Manufacturing / Production / Quality

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