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One of the greatest problem faced by any organisation is to get a right person in the right place. Recruiting and selecting is one of the difficult task nowadays as there are lot of candidates with different skills.we at medico placements provide good opportunity to get right medical jobs and for right medical recruitment. If we look at one side there are lot of health care professionals looking for medical jobs and in the other side there are lot of careers in the medical field but there is a large gap between them so it is difficult for a healthcare professional to get into right hospital job. So we are here at medico placements to lessen the gap between them and make the task easy so the they will be in the right place. This portal will help to explore to many opportunities and to complete your needs. It categorises the jobs so you can easily get access to the right one instead of wasting time searching for the required type of job. We have created a user-friendly platform so you will be comfortable and can get fast and effective solution for your needs.


Science and medicine may give hints through signs and symptoms when anyone is sick but Medico Placements provides you the cure by giving quality and highly trained specialists. If you are looking for medical jobs or if you are looking to hire medical professionals then this is the right place where you can get your profile registered wherever you are and to make your dreams come true. Here you can find any types of jobs as per your convenience may be part time job or full time or may be day time or night shift. We try our level best to provide the most suitable position for the job seekers in their respective field. We have over a decade of experience in HR and recruitment. All our candidates are highly talented and experienced and our main motto is to right candidate in a right job so it’s a mutual benefit for the doctors jobs, job seekers as well as the recruiter is our vision not only to save lives but to give meaning to it and it is our passion to serve and understand the field of medicine hence we are more than a recruitment agency, We are your human resource partner.