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  • Education: B.E./M.E./Diploma in Civil Engineering or Architecture
    Experience: Minimum 2 years prior work experience with residential/commercial projects
    Technical Requirements:
    - Must be able to read and understand all sanctioned and working architectural drawings/plans including for RCC/Plumbing/Electrical/Elevation/Interior
    - Should be proficient in the use of MS Office to prepare cost estimates, bar charts and reports
    Job Requirements:
    - Be involved with all aspects of the project from start to completion
    - Assist with advance planning and coordination at each phase of the project including working directly with the Architect/Consultants/Contractors
    - Coordinate with all Municipal and Regulatory agencies to get the necessary approvals and NoC's, including MC/NGT/NHAI/Water/Telephone/Drainage/Electrical
    - Build Cost Estimates, Time Schedules and Material Planning for optimum time and materials utilization
    - Assist with drafting contractor/consultant agreements
    - Prepare site for optimal materials storage/handling
    - Estimate lead times, place orders and coordinate with vendors for material requirements at various stages
    - Keep track of all materials ordered/received/used/stored and prepare daily/weekly/monthly reports as needed
    - Conduct field/lab tests on materials received/used to maintain high quality and performance standards
    - Calculate built-up area/carpet area/super built-up area for sale/purchase/tax requirements
    - Supervise and assist all contractors/consultants in best delivery and execution while maintaining all technical guidelines
    - Keep track of running accounts/cash bills/expenses and prepare daily/weekly/monthly reports as needed
    - Keep informed of latest technical and regulatory changes/trends and provide ongoing input at various stages to improve and enhance overall project delivery while reducing costs and maintaining delivery timelines
    - Should be willing to report early and work late as needed to complete different phases of the project

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  • Industries we serve:

    Real Estate / Property / Construction

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  1. 2 - 5 yrs

Key Skills : Civil Engineer, Construction Supervisor