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Thai Shimizu Co.Ltd has been incorporated since 20 November 1998 with 1 million of registered capital to provide service for transmission pipeline system and petrochemical and process plant construction and engineering.

Current Opening
S.No. Date Position Location
101-Mar-2021Work and Live in ThailandThailand
219-Feb-2021Work and Live in ThailandThailand
303-Jan-2021Engineering, Construction, Petroleum IndustriesThailand
415-Dec-2020Job Vacancies with TTCL Construction Company ThailandThailand
515-Dec-2020Engineering, Construction, Petroleum IndustriesThailand
605-Dec-2020Construction workers needed in ThailandThailand
705-Dec-2020Construction, Engineering, Petroleum IndustriesThailand
801-Dec-2020Construction WorkerThailand
925-Nov-2020Job Opportunities in ThailandThailand
1018-Nov-2020Job Opening in ThailandThailand