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Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  • OnSumaye is looking for a Sr. Data Analyst who can work in cross-functional teams with data at all stages of the analysis lifecycle to derive actionable insight.
    1. Translates mission needs into an end-to-end analytical approach to achieve results.
    2.Performs the pre-analytics areas of data collection and understanding, data cleansing
    and integration, and data storage and retrieval.
    3.Determines the appropriate analytics based on the data and the desired outcomes, using
    techniques including feature detection, statistics, data mining, predictive modelling,
    machine learning, natural language processing, and business intelligence.
    4.Lead data analysis projects, using data tools and statistical methods to validate and
    interpret data collected. Interprets the validity of results and communicates the meaning
    of those results.
    5.Has familiarity with data wrangling, analytics, and visualization software and
    programming languages, including analytics methods for big data.
    6.Provides technical solutions to a wide range of difficult problems where analysis of data
    requires evaluation of identifiable factors.
    7.Solutions are imaginative, thorough, practicable and consistent with organization
    objectives. Independently determines and develops approach to solutions.
    8.Represents organization in providing solutions to difficult technical issues associated with
    specific projects.
    9.Drive customer-focused solutions, development and business strategies by integrating
    multiple sources of data and sharing findings through written reports and effective
    10.Provide insight to the business through analysis of revenue and sales conversions to
    drive greater efficiency and effectiveness of our sales operations.
    Expertise on Tableau is a must. Strong exposure to data engineering (Hadoop, Spark
    etc.) would be preferred advantage.

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  • Industries we serve:

    IT-Hardware & Networking / IT-Software / Software Services

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Key Skills : SEO, SMO, digital marketing

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Key Skills : Business Development, sales, marketing

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Key Skills : Data Analyst, Data analysis