Ojd Computer Education Limited [iso Certified Co.]


C-410, Sahara Plaza, 2nd Floor, Patrakarpuram, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

  • Job Responsibilities :
    1. Teach students and learners to use computers.2. Design and develop appropriate tests and assignments material.3. Generate good environment of lab and class room area.4. Manage and monitor student behavior.5. Initiate and implement systems, procedures and other student management issues.6. Develop and implement lesson plans and classroom activities in consistent with the student management issues.7. Conduct group training sessions.8. Determine and troubleshoot technology services for staff.9. Coordinate and collaborate with lead teacher, principal and instructional coaches.10. Integrate special lesson plans with core academic curriculum.11. Improves quality results by studying, evaluating, and re-designing processes; implementing changes.Other Job Roles:1. Check all lab nodes, classroom, office computers status weakly 2. Organize, maintain and manage class systems in proper working condition.
    Business Executive 1. Client Generation 2. Good in Pitching and Presentation to companies.3. Self Motivated and enthusiasm for work.4. Co-ordination with the client regarding requirement.5. Client Follow up timely. 6. Interacting with Client on daily/weekly basis 7. Good Knowledge about the market.8. Generate leads through reference, personal, through Internet, through Newspaper etc.9. Should be able to communicate the team about job description from client in simple words.10. Should be able to differentiate the institutes i.e how many foot falls he or she can bring in a month from various sectors like schools, colleges etc. So depending upon our HRIs potential, he should understand the potential and based on that he should target the companies. 11. And also he should ensure that there should be pool of business, i.e HRIs should not sit idle.12. Drive client feedback about the service.13. Smart to handle client escalations, pressure and team.14. Should have hunger and thirst to capture market.15. Should know the concept of LIFO i.e last in first out.

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  • Industries we serve:

    Education / Teaching / Training / Colleges /Institutes / Universities

  • Skills/ Roles I hire for:

    Computer Faculty, Teacher, Trainer, C Language, c++ language, HTML, css, js, PHP Trainee, ms office trainee, Java Trainee, .Net Trainer

We are currently hiring for (2 jobs)
  1. 1 - 3 yrs
  2. Lucknow

Key Skills : C Language, c++ language, HTML, css, js, PHP Trainee, ms office trainee, Java ...

  1. 1 - 5 yrs
  2. Lucknow

Key Skills : Computer Faculty, Teacher, Trainer