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    Hotel managers run hotel and other lodgings. They make sure that all staff do everything they can to make a guest's stay pleasant and comfortable, while making sure that the hotel is profitable and efficient. Hotel managers coordinate cleaning staff, the front desk operations, grounds and facilities maintenance, and where applicable, make sure the indoor water slide is super-fun. Hotel managers create budgets and set room rates, interview, hire and train new staff, resolve employee conflicts, and help guests with any issues they might have.
    Customer-Service: Hotel managers deal with guests every day. Customer loyalty begins with good service and friendly demeanor.
    Interpersonal Skills: Being calm and direct in a stressful situation and being able to communicate with many different types of people.
    Leadership: Hotel managers need to be able to motivate their employees, resolve issues and complaints from guests.
    Listening: Excellent listening skills are needed, especially with guests. Making sure that guests are happy and that staff is getting what they need to do their job is crucial.
    Management: Working with budgets, planning, creating schedules and supervising operations are all a part of the job.
    Organization: Hotels have a lot of moving parts, from guests to maintenance, to events to budgets and scheduling. Hotel managers need to keep it all organized.
    Problem-Solving: Hotel managers need to be able to think quickly on their feet and make decisions with problems come up.
    Bachelor's Degree and 2 years experience

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