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  • Higher scope of commerce jobs for graduates in 2022

    Academic Career | By : Palak Jain | May 08, 2023

    Commerce graduates have a huge scope for career options. They can work in banking, trading, marketing, retail, logistics, etc. They can also pursue higher studies in fields like business management or accounting. Students earlier used to...
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  • Is Work From Home The New Normal?

    Academic Career | By : Palak Jain | Apr 15, 2023

    The novel Coronavirus has changed everything overnight for everyone, the lockdown was enforced by the government and social distancing practise as the crucial WHO guideline became the new norm to be followed by everyone to lead a safe li...
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  • Guidelines to Land Your Dream job as a Mechanical Engineer

    Academic Career | By : Admin | Mar 21, 2023

    Mechanical engineering jobs are very competitive and highly sought-after jobs that require individuals to focus on elements that involve designing, testing, and manufacturing various mechanical machines. The demand for mechanical enginee...
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  • USA Jobs : The doors of opportunity

    Academic Career | By : Palak Jain | Feb 20, 2023

    The United States of America has the strongest economy of the world and for many people migrating to the USA is quite a big dream. Since, the USA jobs market is huge, diverse and people are free to work wherever and whatever field they w...
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