Ways to Ask Someone for a Job

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2010-05-04

Are you intimidated of asking for a job, just for the fear of getting a "no" response in return? Is your ego, pride, the fright of embarrassment or self-consciousness hindering your personal and professional growth? Don't worry. There are three simple ways by which you can approach the subject without actually saying "Can I please have the job?"

Let's check out the alternatives:

? Visualization approach: This is the most interactive and a healthy way through which you can make the interviewer feel that you are already the part of their company. It gives an impression to the interviewer that in future also you will consider the company as your family and work for its progress and growth.
You can make the interviewer realize this by using words like "us", "we", "our" etc during the conversation. By this, you would allow the interviewer to visualize you in the position.

For instance:

"As a team member of XYZ Company, I would work in coordination with the team member and make available to our customer's the best services possible. This approach is the sure shot way of getting closer to the interviewer."

While using "we", "our" etc in the conversation will make you notice that the interviewer also starts using the same.

? Straightforward approach: Be frank and apparent that you want the position.

For instance:

"I am proficient for the position. Have I provided you with requisite information that can get me this job offer?"

It is believed that interviewers get disappointed when the interviewee doesn't ask for the job. They consider that those candidates are not serious for the job and lack in enthusiasm.

? Summation approach: Bring out all the facts- the points of match and expertise between you and the employer. Make the interviewer understand that your potential and experience are appropriate for the position and that you have competent enough to get the job.

For instance:

"Our conversation has made me understand the dynamics of the company, the cultures and responsibilities. I am glad that your requirements match my experience and capabilities to manage the duties of this position."

It is not necessary that the interviewer totally understand your viewpoint. But it is upon you to make him understand the mutual benefit of working together and why should you be g
iven the job offer.

The above mentioned ways are the best way to approach the interviewee during the interview. These ways are surely going to help all the candidates who are looking out for the job but are not confident enough of how to approach for the position.

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