How to Handle Getting Fired

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2010-05-07

The very idea of getting 'fired' itself is very scary and sends jitter down the body. Are you scared what would your reaction be on getting fired? Getting fired can even happen to the best of us. It is not always because you are incapable of something but there can be many other reasons. In spite of getting disheartened and creating a melodrama in the office by arguing with seniors you should be graceful and leave the job with a notion that it is not the end of the world.

Reasons of getting fired:

? Personality conflict between you and your supervisor
? Any political conspiracy
? Your proficiency doesn't match up the requirement of the job

How to react when you are fired?

Whether justified or unfair, getting fired can shatter anyone and bring with itself the feeling of pain, anger, frustration, self doubt and anxiety. But it has an upside- an experience and a realization of what mistakes you made while the working period. It will help you in not repeating your mistakes.

Read ahead to find out simple ways to handle getting fired:

? Don't lose your self esteem- Behave like a grown up man. Don't fall apart. Just try to be calm and composed. Don't lose your temperament in fact what you should do is to just move out of the office gracefully by keeping your chin up. Yeah! You may feel like crying on the spot. But you have to be tough and be sure to not to lose your self-esteem. So, no sobbing, no crying and no begging.

? Don't create an awkward situation- Remember that creating an unwanted scene will harm your dignity. Avoid a situation where the supervisor has to call security and forcefully kick you out of the office. Rather be patient and tolerant enough to move quietly out of the office without creating a scene.

? Don't wreck the office property- Instead of damaging or spoiling the office property, just quietly clean your workplace and collect all your documents, papers, other belongings etc.

? Don't seek grudge against anyone- Don't let any dire thoughts creep in your mind like waiting outside the boss's house to harm him or threaten the co-workers.

? Nicely bid adieu- On a happy note, leave the work place and nicely say goodbye to your friends and co-workers.

Just keep the above mentioned points in mind and remember that when one door closes, the other opens. Always th
ink in good grace for your former employers. Share on

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