Tips to Nurture Your Personality

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2010-01-09

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Recession, slowdown, increasing competition, high expectation, performance pressure and lot more (sorry if I haven't mention the one bothering you), are just compelling beginners to set themselves under strain. Yes time is demanding and no doubt that you have to prove to be the Best yet there is nothing to be frustrated about.

If your boss seems always in hurry and gives you no time to improve, than its not that he has personal grudges with you, he is forced to do so. He has no time to endure mediocre results and believe me tomorrow you will be in the same situation because with rapid pace of competition no one is actually allowed to walk slowly. So I also speed up the discussion and come to the nucleus of topic picked.

Identify yourself :- Relax I am not saying that you don't know your name, but have you ever introspect with your own strengths and weaknesses? No? Then start now, first thing is to identify your uniqueness that may set you ahead from the crowd. Delight yourself for the things you can do and make a difference. At the same time jot down the traits needs to be worked on. Plan a strategy and push them off from your persona. This introspection will definitely help in balancing your approach and set long term goals.

Mantra : Honest knowledge of oneself is more powerful than any other knowledge.

Simplify the issues :-
What all you had to listen from your boss for a non performance? Are you remembering those harsh words and tone? Stop it. Simply just take out the gist of instance. There must be a simple and straight fact that "you have not achieved what was expected from you" again try to simplify the reasons behind this "not" there must be a mixture of lame excuses and genuine issues. Now just throw out the lame excuses (forever) and analyze the remaining. Use your strengths to solve out these issues or discuss the same with an experienced professional (who else better than your boss?)

Mantra : Always there are sales made and sales lost.

Effective listening :- Do you always hear with ears only? Next time use your brain as well, after all that is the safest store to keep important things. Most of us listen but few of us actually listen. Pay hundred percent attentions to the said and then draw out conclusions. There is a big difference between said and half said, so fix yourself to completely said. If needed make a note of important.

Mantra: Listening is an art to be master if you dream to be a master. Share on

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