Does It Really Matter if youre a Workaholic?

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Work Place Tips | Last Updated: 2010-01-22

In the period when the economy is facing tough times, you will rarely find people criticizing about their jobs. The people who are employed feel gratitude towards their employers even if they are dissatisfied with their jobs. Apart from them are people who work tirelessly 24x7 and pay attention towards their job only. These are the ones who have no other topic to talk about other than work. Holidays, parties and outings are a complete 'NO' for such employees. They are simply called as workaholics. Being attached to your job and having intense passion for it is a good thing. But as it is said 'Excess of everything is bad' so working all the time endlessly without sparing any time for yourself, might lead to a doom. At one point of time when you will feel the need to relax and put your work down it won't happen.

This web of work will lead the workaholic people to suffer exhaustion. If you are a workaholic and want that this should not happen to you then you must correct your ways. The question arises that how many people actually know that they are workaholics? If you want to know what the warning signs of a workaholic person are then you are at the right place.

Following are the signs that a workaholic person shows:

Can't relax: Everyone feels the need to relax after working hard for the whole day. You plan your work for the day accordingly and when you achieve it, you feel good. But when the desire to work beyond this becomes uncontrollable it results in you being hysterical.

You become habitual in doing what is expected from you. In the process you often tend to neglect your needs and what you want.

When you don't feel like working but still you feel compulsion to complete the jobs. You are actually fearful to stop in between.

At times you work in the time when you would have enjoyed. After procrastinating you feel self-pity. This leads to lack of concentration in the work you are doing but are scared to leave it and relax.

Your self-esteem sustains only on the perception of how you and your work is judged by others.

Your self-esteem sustains only on the perception of how you and your work is judged by others.

You have a fanatical wish to understand each and everything, even your emotions. You do not express your emotions in a fear that if you do so, you will lose control.

You work intensely hard in order to acquire admiration from your boss or colleagues as you live in an illusion that you will feel better that way.

Yes, it really matters if you are a workaholic so if you observe any of these signs in your work approach then it is time to rectify it. You can do it in several ways like by giving time to yourself and family, accepting your mistakes and working on them, to seek help from your colleagues. Just don't overboard yourself with work as health is more important than money. Share on

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