Tips for Searching for a Job While Still Employed

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Search Tips | Last Updated: 2010-08-16

Have you ever felt that you want a new job but not at the expense of your current one? Bored of taking same orders from the same boss day in and day out? Well, why wait? Start a search jobs in india. But keep in mind that searching for a job is a job in itself and it requires you to take and avoid certain important steps. Below are provided certain tips, which may help you look for a new job while maintaining your present one:

? State clearly in your resume the current position you are holding in your present job. Your prospective employer might want to know the essential responsibilities you are allocated. Be sure to not give out any work details like emails or phone numbers.

? Don't use your company time to search for jobs as your boss is not a fool and might notice your prolonged absences from your seat or cubicle. Look through classifieds or jobs online after work or on weekends.

? If you are posting your resume on online job sites, then be sure to choose the "hide your contact information" option. You don't want your current employer to see your resume staring at his face on an online job site.

? DO NOT list your current employer as your reference. Imagine being called by your boss for a pleasant chat ending in you losing your job.

? Make sure to schedule any interviews before or after work so as not to miss your work. It would help to mention this directly to your potential employer as he/she would appreciate the fact that you are sincere towards your work.

? Do not insult or disregard your current employer in your job interview as it conveys a sense of disrespect towards your superiors, which might create a negative impression in the mind of your potential employer.

? You can request your potential employer to keep your job search confidential and not to contact anyone from your current company.

? Last, but definitely not the least, keep your focus and work hard at your current job as you have to maintain a proper balance between your job and your job search.

Keep the above mentioned points in mind as they would be effective in helping you in searching for a job along with keeping your current job secured. Share on

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