How to Deal With a Phone Interview

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A telephonic interview is usually conducted by employers or recruiters when they want to do the initial screening or have to contact out-of-station candidates. In both situations you may receive a call out of the blue and if you are unprepared, then the situation can generate panic that affects the way you conduct yourself. An upside of a phone interview is that sometimes you can even have it scheduled as per your convenience but the downside remains that you cannot see the interviewer face-to-face and have to give very concise answers. This post discusses some essential points that can lets you score well in a Telephonic Interview and make it a walk in the park.

Be Ready Before the Interview

Nothing beats the fact that preparing well in advance minimizes your chances of erroneous answers and also helps you to deal with the jitters. If there is a possibility of a telephonic interview, then prepare a list of basic questions, rehearse your answers and also summarize your basic skills and achievements.

? Things like your resume, pen and paper must be kept within your reach to avoid wracking your nerves when you received the call.

Practicing for a phone interview is just like a regular interview and you can easily do it with your friends and family, who can tell you more about your behavior over the phone. If possible, record your voice during such conversations to have an idea of your tone and voice modulation while letting you know where to take pauses etc.

? Tell your friends to call you at any random time in the day and ask questions posing as an interviewer. Believe me, it works!

During the Interview

Compose yourself right before you start talking. Remember, this may be in a comfortable setting for you but you should still maintain a high degree of professionalism in your voice and courtesies.

Pronounce each word clearly and talk at a moderate pace. Listen attentively as well and do not interrupt the interviewer in between. Keep a happy composure no matter what situation you are in as this will calm you nerves and project confidence in your personality.

? Address the interviewer formally and avoid lengthy answers.

Giving a telephonic interview does not mean that the standard rules do not apply; you must ask questions regarding the position etc. This conveys your interest to the interviewer and also lets them remember your profile after they have conversed with numerous people for the same.

In case you are not prepared for the interview or are busy in a meeting, you can politely tell the interviewer to give you a call later. But do state that you would definitely like to have this conversation later by suggesting a suitable time for the future.

After the Interview

Thanking the interviewer while ending the conversation is considered courteous and you can even ask questions about how you fared during the interview along with the time that you will be intimated of further proceedings.

The key here is to convince the interviewer for the second round of the interview, which would bring you face-to-face with them. So, take notes about what you were asked during the interview to be better prepared for the next round. Getting the telephonic interview right is a sure bet that the employer is already considering your profile and it means that only a few things need to be worked out when you meet them. Share on

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