Why Are Older Employees Preferred Over Freshers?

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Hunting | Last Updated: 2018-07-06


There has always been a debate between hiring older employees and freshers. Who should be given preference? This question often lurks in recruiter's mind. Nowadays, many older employees are coming up for jobs and are proving successful in bagging a new job for themselves.

Older people get chances majorly because Freshers lack in experience. Some older employees switch their jobs and some want to join after a considerable employment gap. There are many older people who are retired from their jobs but are so enthusiastic and innovative, that they still want to work.

On the other hand, many companies sacrifice experience for youth. Talent and experience remain unutilized in this case. There is a considerable ratio of older people who are willing to work but due to age discrimination, their dreams are crashed.

But getting fresh blood on the job seems more idealistic rather than practical. Experience in a particular field counts; not the age. The fact that freshers come with new ideas and innovations is true, but this is also a fact that older employees have experience with them. Many companies specially hire experienced workforce, as they do not want to experiment with the new lot of people. Moreover, a lot of their time is wasted in training freshers, whereas it is opposite in the case of older employees.

Here are some reasons, why older employment seekers are preferred over freshers:

  • They are more experienced than any fresher
  • They can easily adjust in professional environment
  • They don't need much training
  • They are more loyal and are trust worthy
  • They can understand the company much better.
  • They are more reliable, as the chances of switching over jobs are considerably low.
  • They are highly skilled and strive to work efficiently.
  • They understand their responsibilities well.

So it is evident from the above facts that despite their age, older employees still have hope of working in many companies. What's more, they can also mentor the younger employees by imparting valuable knowledge that they have acquired along the way.

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