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By: Anurag Gupta | In: Resume Tips | Last Updated: 2010-08-12

Been rejected by a recruiter because of a boring biography length resume? Or ever been rejected because your resume contained as little information as an ID card? What, then, is the correct size of a resume? The size of a resume depends on the kind of job you have applied for and also the post. If you are a fresher and have applied for a relatively lower position in a company then make your resume as brief as possible but with all the relevant information stated clearly. So, what about the long length resumes? Long resumes are written if you are applying for special kinds of jobs and for specific positions. Following are the cases in which you can write longer resumes:?

  • If you are applying for a high ranking position, it certainly requires you to write a long resume. It is legible to write a longer resume in this case because as the position you have applied for is a high-ranking one, the number of candidates who have applied for this job must also be few. Fewer candidates mean longer time is devoted to each candidate so it is safe to write a long resume as that is what the recruiters would be expecting. Your resume should contain all the details of your total job experience, job responsibilities and also your achievements.
  • In case you are applying for an Academic or Scientific position, you will need to write a longer resume. A longer resume will help as these types of positions require full details of your educational qualifications, your published works to prove your credibility and also your related work experience. If there are certain technical aspects related to these then be sure to include all the details of your technical qualifications, abilities and your experience in that field. Just be sure to not exceed the length of the resume to more than two pages.
  • There are cases when employers demand a lengthier resume depending on the kind of position you have applied for, which can be high or low ranked.

In the above mentioned cases, it becomes essential to write lengthier resumes as they are a passport to your perfect job destination.

Academic or Scientific Position

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