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What is a resume?
In professional language, a resume can be described as a resume is an A4 sheet or two that amounts to a job seeker's educational qualifications and skills for the jobs they're inclined in. But it has more meaning to it as a resume stipulates a summary of all your proficiencies, capabilities, experiences, as well as accomplishments communicating their significance to employers. Your resume is a medium for you to market yourself to your potential employers. With the advancement in technology, a resume can have a paper version or an electronic version.

Keeping it secure
Nowadays both active and passive job seekers have a benefit to posting resume online on different job portals to expand their visibility in the market for potential employers. Posting your info on established sites can be a constructive approach, but not all websites are safe enough to post. Arbitrarily posting your resume could put your confidentiality and professional profile in jeopardy. There are few loopholes to be taken into consideration before you click that button! Let’s have a look-

  • Discern the person is behind the site : Although a job portal may seem autonomous, it could essentially be governed by development consulting companies. However, it is still a riddle that why these job portals aren’t transparent about their association if nothing reprehensible is going on, many businesses and nongovernmental establishments know more than to enlist candidates on a site that is a prospective opponent to their work, and don’t involve their brands up on these sites.
  • Ascertain that they partake a privacy policy : Certain job portals don’t have a privacy policy, creating doubts about how they might be treating your resume or personal information. There had been many experiences of the autonomous consultants of their resume displaying up on a proposal they had no information about or receiving spam mail soon after registering with these kinds of sites. Privacy policies are generally included in the footer of the website as well as at the page where you are requested to fill in your personal info. Make sure you go through it to know who can access your personal info and how they gonna treat it.
  • Don’t ever share your sensitive info : While you post a resume online or create a profile on one of these sites, wipe your resume of crucial information that can benefit profile thieves, like your address, phone number, and full legal name. Definitely remove the link to your personal website if you have any. Furthermore, use a different password from that you use like on your online bank account, social media accounts or on any other important sites.

By following these privacy hacks, you can ascertain that you are promoting yourself to new openings while also guarding your personal info.

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Tips to post resume :

Although creating a resume is somewhat similar for both paper and online version. But there are few attributes that can make you stand apart in the online crowd as well. Let me walk you through it…..

  • Designing online resume : Some job portals allow you to design your resume using their own resume formats. They assist you section by section and in a variety of formats that involves PDF, Word, HTML, etc. Be adept with these kinds of procedures. Don’t forget to download a copy of your resume.
  • Uploading a resume : Different job portals apply different techniques to upload resumes. Some may provide a text box while others offer you a click tab to upload your resume. At some sites, you may provide the link of your resume that will direct the employer to open the document in a different window.
  • Ascertain that the document can be open : Make sure that your resume is in the same format that the site requires otherwise there will be an issue in opening the document in return annoying the prospective employer. Not to forget that your font should be consistent as well.
  • Be trendy : Nowadays, the latest advancement in online resumes is the option that is tailored only for online resumes which typically has its own URL. You may include interactive images and infographics and embed links to your professional accounts or your personal website.

Taking into consideration the type of industry oy job you are inclined to, posting a resume is a great medium to highlight your experiences and skills much more effectively and in an interesting manner. Keep posting!


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