How to hire best candidates? Strategies That Are Effective!

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There is no denying the fact that 2019 was a great year for the recruiters and the fact was that the unemployment rate too s very low. It is also assumed that the same trend will further go on to take place this year also i.e.2020. Moreover, this year HR recruiters have to up their recruiting game and they have to employ some amazing hiring strategies in order to recruit the best candidates for their company. In this article, we will be informing you about some of the best strategies to hire candidates for your company in the best possible manner. Here we go!

1. A BIG NO to extensive hiring procedures
There is no denial that a lengthy hiring process is very tiring and can even put off a candidate. So, in 2020, it is a BIG NO to the extensive hiring procedures. Automatically, the candidates will lose their interest if either the hiring process is long or tough. In 2020, the candidates will be more towards applying jobs in a quicker and smarter way through their phones kicking aside those mail and print ad routes.

2. Employer branding
The key focus would be employer branding in 2020. There is a huge difference between recruiting and talent acquisition as the former means only looking out for the candidates for a particular position and the latter means a strategic function of the company. In a lot of cases employer branding is overlooked but it is one of the most significant steps in order to hire the best professionals for your company. So, what companies can do? Well, they can develop a strong employer brand through all social media platforms and can fetch better talent and long-term success from thereon.

3. Inbound recruitment
If you are unaware, let us tell you, inbound recruitment will definitely appeal more potential candidates in order to choose you as their employer. The main focus of inbound recruitment is the fact that it helps in engaging, converting and attracting best candidates. Moreover, in a sense, inbound recruitment can be a long-term solution to advance the hiring strategies as well. In fact, many big companies already have employed inbound recruitment and in 2020, there will be more of it.

4. Recruiting via Social Media
Well, as we have discussed this a little bit in our aforementioned pointers, recruiting via social media is going to gain popularity in 2020. Using social media to hire people and that too potential ones would be a mind-blowing strategy. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. will be very helpful to hire candidates , in getting an array of referrals, in targeting only the best candidates, will save a lot of money, will get you employ referrals for talent acquisition and will also showcase the culture of your company.

5. Collaborative hiring
Don’t know what collaborative hiring is? Well, fret not; here we will tell you! Collaborative hiring is an easy and effective way in order to get potential candidates. It is a strategy wherein both HR teams and teams from the other departments will work simultaneously in order to get in touch with professionals and hire them. It is worth mentioning that collaborative hiring is very significant as it helps in enhancing the quality of new hires. In this, the drop in turnovers will further positively boost in overall hiring strategy.

6. Focusing on retention of employees
In 2020, the strategy too keep your current employees happy would be the key thing. Talent acquisition is about keeping your present company people motivated by offering them with a lot of growth opportunities and looking beyond their current roles.


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