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Resume sourcing is a method utilized by small private companies and businesses to find eligible candidates for their firms. Resume mining can aid companies and businesses to get hold of the best talent in the business, which has become harder with ongoing competition within the market. Companies use RPO firms and other latest online tools for resume sourcing to find the right candidate quickly and easily. It has become vital as candidates are seen posting their resumes on job boards in adverse to posting on job posts. Today, companies hire RPO firms to tackle resume sourcing to help save time and money. Given below are steps to free resume search and resume database.

Understand The Targeted Audience 
The foremost step to hiring the best candidate for your company begins with targeting the right audience. Make sure to use distinct and unique keywords in your search engine to help target only those resumes. Big companies use distinctive keywords to help match candidates with that the company's job requirements. 

Check Each Resume Manually

Once you have the matching resume in your hand, the next step is a tedious process. You need to focus and cross-check varying details of the potential candidates like job skills, qualifications, experience, age, etc. You must make sure that there are no discrepancies to ensure that the candidate can pass through the next process.

Verify the background of the candidates
The next step involves verifying the cultural background of the candidates. This process ends as soon as the screening of the potential candidate is complete. You must confirm vital parameters of the potential candidates like ethnicity, behavior, connection, personality, etc using social media platforms. Background verification is a vital step in the screening of the potential candidate. If the background check is not cleared the candidate is rejected on the spot.  

Once the candidate's background is verified, they will be qualified to be listed as the eligible candidate for the company job position. It is where the resume sourcing activity is complete like name, contact information, job function, and job title are verified. If the company has employed an RPO firm, then the RPO will advance the verified information to the company. It is a long and tedious process, therefore companies prefer to hire RPO firms to help them hire a talented pool of candidates that will aid in the company's growth.    

RPO firms offer several advantages to the companies, it aids the company to acquire perfect candidates and reduce cost and hiring time. These firms also enhance stakeholder engagement and help scale the business. However, you must hire the right RPO firm that honors and understand your company's brand, values, and culture. The quality of the service offered by the RPO firm is vital for the success of your business to help you hire an ideal candidate for your company l. There are five different types of RPO engagement that you can hire for your resume searching Enterprise, Consulting, short-term project, Emerging, and limited RPO services. The services offered by RPO firms are affordable and top-notch.


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