How Technology Is Influencing The Hiring Trends In 2018

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The role of technology has become more evident in the recruitment industry. It has ushered in a transition from recruitment through newspaper classifieds and personal contacts to automated applicant tracking systems and talent acquisition software solutions. The ubiquitous presence of technology in the recruitment industry has not just eased and automated the process of finding, attracting, and screening the talent but also empowered the hiring managers and talent acquisition managers to conquer the complexities of the recruitment industry. Even in tight labor market situations, technology’s influence on hiring trends enables the recruiters in fetching the best talent from the pool of under-qualified candidates. Indeed, technology has a strong influence on the overall hiring process as well as the hiring trends in 2018. Here’s how.

Data-Driven Approach To Talent Acquisition

Big data technology has spread its wings in every industry vertical and has slowly seeped into the talent acquisition market as well. Recruiters and employers are leveraging the power of the millions of bits of data surrounding the candidate behavior to gain a competitive edge. Analyzing the big data would enable the recruiters, recruitment consultants, and employers to get assurance about candidates and sources that can be their potential new hires. It would also allow the hiring managers to make strategic decisions by filtering out talent that is most receptive to new opportunities.

Brand Building For Organizations

Today’s job seekers research about any organization online before applying for a job or going for an interview. They can get a break-through of the salary, work environment, perks etc., on the World Wide Web through reviews posted by current or ex-employees. What’s more is nearly 47% job seeker decline job offers because of the poor reviews posted online. This has made brand building an integral part of every organization. Organizations are working on their online presence, and what people are talking about them in the digital landscape to attract top talent from a quality applicant pool.

Artificial Intelligence Assisting Recruiters

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning empowers the recruiters and hiring managers with agility and automation in hiring and retaining the best talent. AI-powered tracking systems and recruitment software are assisting the recruiters in searching and screening of candidates. These systems are intelligently assessing data and providing accurate predictive patterns to help the employers find the best talent. AI-enabled recruiting software like LinkedIn Recruiter can help the hiring managers in automating the candidate search. Apart from that, AI-enabled chatbots would also help the recruiters in instantly solving the queries of the candidates and amplifying the experience.

Social Hiring

Technology has made the world a virtual social village. With more than 2.46 billion social network users estimated in 2017, it is inescapable for hiring managers and recruiters to fetch talent using the different social media platforms. Technology is driving recruiters and employers to actively engage in social hiring aka social recruiting and use social media platforms as talent database for posting job advertisements or finding job seekers’ information. As per recent reports, more than 94% talent acquisition managers are now creating networks on social platforms to find the best talent.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Technology has become ubiquitous and is powering a number of recruitment software, systems, and applications to automate the hiring process. Applicant tracking systems are one of the most prominent technological advancement that assists recruiters and hiring managers in fetching the best talent with minimum efforts, resources and time. More than 70% of the organizations are now using applicant tracking systems in their talent acquisition process to find and hire the suitable candidates from the large talent pool. Taleo, Homegrown, iCims, Jobvite, Workday etc., are counted among the top applicant tracking systems for 2018.

The fight for hiring the top talent is getting tougher by the day. Organizations need to put their best foot forward for using latest technologies to fish out the best talent from the large applicant pool. They can use state of art technology to search, screen, hire, and retain the candidates that are best fit for their desired job roles. Share on

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