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5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Recruitment Agency

By: Admin | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2018-08-16

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Hiring right candidates is no way less challenging than finding a suitable job and to conquer this challenge the companies take services of a recruitment agency. These agencies can simplify the search for the right candidates and close the openings in the shortest possible time. However, all this can happen only if you have chosen the right Recruitment agency. So let’s read 5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Recruitment Agency:

  • Your Staffing Requirement: Before approaching any recruitment agency for your staffing needs, it is important to fully analyze the needs. You need to know what type of staff or employees you are looking for, is it permanent staff, temporary staff, or staff on a contractual basis. Moreover, think about the type of employees that would not just be perfect for the job opening but also fit right in your work culture and create a checklist of the points. Once you know these requirements, it would be easy for you to shortlist the recruitment agency that would be best in serving your needs.

  • Payment Process: Payment, being one of the major considerations of employers, should always be discussed well in advance before choosing any recruitment agency. While there are some recruitment agencies that may ask for a percentage of the employee’s salary that they have recruited, there are many that may bill you with a retainer fee. More than knowing about their payments, it is important to consider what happens if the employee that they have recruited is not performing as per the requirement or decided to leave your enterprise before a certain period. Discuss all these things before taking the services of the agency.

  • Experience In Your Industry: Before choosing the recruitment agency to fulfill the manpower needs of your firm, it is important to perform a quick analysis of the agency to check what industry they specialize in. If you are looking for staff that has experience and knowledge about your industry, be it manufacturing, engineering, finance, energy, etc., choosing a recruitment agency that specializes in your industry would be able to understand your recruitment needs better and perform better screening of the candidates. You can also consider how many openings they have filled for various departments like accounting, marketing, IT, education, legal, or administrative, etc., to know more about their experience and how effectively they can fulfill your staffing need.

  • Training Process: Majority of the companies hiring recruitment agencies want that the training process of the candidate also be taken care by the agency. However, not every recruitment agency trains the candidates and if they do, they charge extra fee for the same. If you are planning to get a trained employee recruited at your firm by the agency, discuss about the same in advance. Whether they are training the employee recruited or you are paying for additional training, be clear about the process of training. You need to know what type of training they will give, whether it would be useful to mold the candidate for the profile, how would it benefit your firm, and what all they exclude from the training so that you can prepare someone for the same.

  • Reference Checking: References play a pivotal role in the hiring process. They help in assuring the credibility of the candidate. Before you hire the recruitment agency, it is important to ensure that the recruitment agency you are hiring promises to check with the references while screening the candidates. Discuss how and when they plan to check the references, whether it is at the start or during the screening process or only after they have shortlisted the candidates before you hire the agency.

Whether you are hiring a recruitment agency in Panaji, Delhi, Mumbai or any other city in India, make sure that you have considered every factor before making the final choice. The agency you hire would be responsible for hiring manpower for your company.

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