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Resume is the most important tool of a job seeker. It represents you before your prospective employer and decides your prospects to be shortlisted for the job you have applied for. That is why job seekers invest a lot of time and energy in preparing their resume or even hire services of resume writing experts. But sometimes you do all this and Post Your Resume on every job portal but left disappointed with no response on your application. So if you have also suffered all that then before you Submit your CV for the next job vacancy have a round of checking your resume to ensure that it can sell your candidature. Here is the checklist for a Resume that works for you:

Check The Length, Too Long And Too Short Can Be Dangerous

No, we don’t say that all resumes should be one page or two, here we just mean that your resume should be of an appropriate length in accordance with your skill, education and experience. Neither get misled by the statement that good resumes fit on one page nor overstate about anything just to increase the content. Information on your resume should be clear and straight. Key information should be placed in a simple and easily scannable style.

Check Its Effectiveness To Portray You As The “Right One”

As said, resume can make you a hit or flop in the show of job-search and in intense competition your resume has to fight it really hard. Nowadays, on average recruiters invest less than 20 seconds to decide your suitability for the applied post. So your resume has to be really fast and smart enough to claim that you are the “Right One”. The first look at your resume should read a convincing profile that is completely in sync with the key requirements of the applied position.

Check Its Clarity On Stating Your Roles

Be it your profile in last company, internship or your participation in some project; be clear and loud about your role and contribution. Usually, candidates write vague statements about their achievements or contributions, owing to which recruiters do not get a clear idea of the applicant’s role in that and how he/she can be useful for their company. If possible quantify your achievements, like if you have developed a system in previous company which has saved the manpower, mention that along how much money it saved. Remember, they are interested in knowing what you can add as employee so be clear and specific about the same.

Check for a neat and tidy grammar and spelling

Proofreading your resume is very important to boost your chances of landing the job. Even the slightest mistake in grammar or spelling in the resume can set the interviewer or recruiter off. So, proofread your resume a number of times before sending it to your prospective employer. See for the spellings as well as any grammatical error in the resume to make it perfect and free from any typos as well.

Check how ready your resume is for the internet

With various job boards, job portals, and online classifieds catering to the needs of job seekers and recruiters, it is indispensable that you ensure your resume is ready for the internet. Today, there are numerous portals where you can upload post your resume free or upload resume to get more interview calls. However, to get selected through the resume scanners and other resume filtering tools, it is important to add desired keywords in the resume. Make sure that you have added all the keywords that are necessary for your job profile to make your resume internet-ready.

So these are some crucial check-points to assess your resume on, however, the list of such point is longer. You should also check the resume to remove the irrelevant information and any typographical errors. Apart from this check the format of resume for a print as well as internet version. We hope after qualifying on all these check points, your resume would definitely catch the attention of recruiters and bring on interview calls from your dream companies. Share on
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