Writing a Great Internship Resume

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A resume is a key to attain the desired job or an internship. It is the document that carries your qualification details, job experiences and personal details. A well-writ and effective resume can greatly improve your chances of getting the job or internship. An internship resume is different from a resume created with the purpose of acquiring a job. So, before penning down your experiences, strengths, and merits in a resume, it is better to decide upon the format and the points that you want to include in your resume.

Points that need to be ensured while drafting an internship resume:

  • You must be clear about your purpose: You must be clear about your aim while creating the resume. Your goal is not to further your career rather gain experience and skills. So, don't write long boring and monotonous documents just as a desperate job seeker.
  • Placement of the information must be right: It is important to emphasize on your academic achievements rather than your work background. Be focused on your merits and highlight your qualification details the most.
  • Mention your work experience: If you have any work experience, do include it in your resume. It leaves a good impression and increases your chances of getting the internship.
  • Keep off the irrelevant information: Pointless information like political affiliation or sexual preference won't help you in getting the internship. But it might hamper your chance of getting the internship.
  • Length of resume: Maximum of one or two-page content should be written in a resume. The shorter the resume, the better it is.
  • Review it twice: Before finalizing upon your internship resume, just read it twice to avoid any kind of spelling mistake or grammatical error as it can give a bad impression to the interviewer.

Employers lookout for enthusiastic, dedicated and interactive freshers to assure that they fit in the team. So, make a resume that reflects the actual you in the best possible manner without boasting much about yourself.