• Checklist For A Resume That Works For You

    Career Tips | By: Admin |  Jul 30, 2018

    Resume is the most important tool of a job seeker. It represents you before your prospective employer and decides your prospects to be shortlisted for the job you have applied for. That is why job seekers invest a lot of time and energ...
  • 5 Amazing Advantages Of Hiring Through A Recruitment Agency

    Recruiter Mantra | By: Admin |  Jul 19, 2018

    According to a Forbes report, the cost of hiring can exceed $40,000 per worker. This includes the cost of employing HR team, advertising job openings, scanning resumes, screening candidates, interviews, training, and lost productivity ...
  • 6 Elements To Make Your Resume Truly Effective

    Interview Tips | By: Admin |  Jul 17, 2018

    More than a list of degrees, experiences, and skills, your resume helps you to sell your candidature in your dream company. Your resume is that marketing tool that fetches an interview invite for you. It should not just accentuate esse...
  • 5 Mistakes That Can Hamper Your Job Search

    Career Planning | By: Admin |  Jul 10, 2018

    Nowadays searching a job is as easy as tough it is. Yes, you read it right. On one hand, digitization has added ease and speed to the ways candidate search jobs but on other hand availability of highly-skilled and talented candidates h...

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