5 Tips That Will Prepare You For Your Next Performance Appraisal

charge of your own career progression

Performance appraisal or PA is a review process by which an employee’s performance is evaluated for the entire year or duration(s) mentioned otherwise. And, if you think that you should get a good appraisal, then you should actively prepare yourself for that. This implies that even if your company has criteria of self-evaluation, you cannot stay passive and just receive the feedbacks and directions from your manager. Rather, you should prepare yourself for the appraisal meeting with your manager by gathering all the details of your work, performance, and career goals so that your manager can get a broader picture of all of your performances. You have to take charge of your own career progression so as to receive only the best in the entire course of your employment. 

Tips to Prepare For Your Performance Appraisal
Any chance that you get to show your best performance is a chance you should take. Here are some of the important tips that will guide you in preparing your performance appraisal report. 

·    Gather the relevant information which forms the foundation of your appraisal. 
Analyze your performance or review your job description on the basis of those goals, development plans, and competencies on which your last appraisal has been done. You can use these details as the foundation of your accomplishments in the entire year. Gather the reports like project status report, weekly report, monthly report, etc. 

·    Keep a note of your performance over the last performance cycle. 
Maintain a journal of your performances and note down the details of things like projects or work you have really enjoyed, challenging situations or people you have faced, knowledge or skills you have developed or need to develop, particular strengths of yours, etc. These details of your accomplishments, challenges, and successes will help you at the time of your appraisal. When you will have all these details in your hand, you and your manager definitely get a broader and more objective view of your performance over the entire period. 

·    Note down the “how” of your accomplishments rather than just “what”.
Make sure that you have jotted down the course of the journey to the accomplished task rather than simply noting down the accomplishment. So, how you did it is really important. But, keep it brief. You can explain the challenges you have faced that limited your abilities to succeed or you can provide the details of the support you have received from others. You should also think about the fact that what your manager needs to know and what he already knows. All the certificates of recognition or awards that you have received since your last appraisal should be gathered for further reference. 

·    Self-evaluation is the best tool 
Your company may or may not formally do the evaluation of the employees, it is always better to do a self evaluation. Rate your performance as per each competency and goal that you have achieved so far. The motive of this exercise is to share your perception with your manager before your appraisal meeting and thus you should remain honest while rating yourself. 

·    Draft your own possible goals. 
Initiate yourself by drafting your own possible goals before your manager hand over your goals to you. This is called taking a proactive approach. On the basis of your job description, department or organization’s higher-level goals, you can draft some of your own possible goals. You can share these goals with your manager in the meeting so as to provide him/her a glimpse of your dedication for work. 

Always remember that whenever you join a meeting for appraisal with your manager, do not feel defensive. People do not listen very well when they are defensive. Prepare yourself for the meeting by relaxing your mind and letting go of the defensiveness. You should listen carefully to the feedbacks of your manager and the goals he/she has set out for you. It is your career and you have the power to manage your own performance. Make the most out of every opportunity and let your contribution known so as to get meaningful feedbacks and directions that will aid you in your professional growth.