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By: Anurag Gupta | In: Internships | Last Updated: 2018-07-06

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Many students apply for internships but only the fortunate ones get the call for the interview. Most of the companies' shortlist candidates on the basis of the resume and use the interview as a final cut for choosing the right contender. So, if you have received an interview call from the company for an internship then your interview is the only chance to make an impression on the employer.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you go through the internship interview smoothly.

Prepare yourself Preparation is the real key to a good interview and researching about the company is the foremost step of interview preparation. Selecting appropriate and comfortable attire for an interview is very much necessary. A candidate should always take a copy of his/her resume while going for an interview. Practicing sample interview questions will be an added advantage.

First impression is the last impression Making a good first impression creates a lot of difference even before starting a verbal interview. Being yourself, a firm handshake, maintaining eye contact with the interviewer throughout the interview creates a positive impact on the employer. Be comfortable and relaxed for setting a stage for the successful interview.

Emphasize on your achievements and skills Maintain focus on your achievements and special skills, which you have attained during the course of time. Express your previous work experiences and display your communication, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Answer the question only after understanding it Asking the interviewer to repeat the question or clarify it is best for answering the question properly. Candidate should understand what the interviewer is trying to ask before answering it with full confidence.

Highlight your positive points The employer may show interest in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Whenever such question comes, it's always better to emphasize on your positive aspects. For weaknesses, highlight the points on which you need to improve and also tell about the steps you have taken for improvement.

Maintain confidence till the end Ok, you started off the interview with an utmost level of confidence, but ending it with the same is a crucial thing. Thanking interviewer promptly for his/her consideration and valuable time will give stress on your good qualities.

Apart from all these, using correct grammar, avoiding jargons and informal language and being positive throughout will definitely open the gates of success. You can always expect to hear back from the employer if you follow these simple steps while going for the internship interview. Share on

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