Top 5 Tips for Job Interview Follow-ups

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Interview Tips | Last Updated: 2010-08-23

So you are finally done with the interview and looking forward to the much anticipated response from the concerned people that will decide your fate. It is interesting to note how so many people think that once an interview is over, then the ball is entirely in the court of the interviewers. Well, reality could not be any farther from this, as in most instances a candidate is able to increase his/her chances of getting a apposition through a smart follow-up.

So today, we will discuss a few Do's and Don'ts of a follow up, to let you have a clear idea of how a simple task like this can give you the much desired edge over others.

Tip 1
The first step of a follow-up starts right after the interview is over, where you can ask the interviewer by when they will be taking the hiring decision.

A follow-up is not another task but a calculated tactic that puts you a step ahead of other candidates, especially if there were a sizable number of candidates that appeared along side you.

Tip 2
The key is to be proactive without appearing needy for the position. There are subtle ways by which you can let the interviewer know about your interest for the position and the company.

Tip 3
Get in touch with your references to let them know that they might expect a call anytime.

Tip 4
Get the names of the interviewers right and if possible, their contact numbers by asking for a business-card.

Tip 5
First contact should be made by a formal letter or rather a thank you card that shows your gratitude for being considered for the position. Do this for every person present on the interview panel and for every interview given by you. Keep the odds in your favor. Also remind the interviewer about your profile and mention your keenness for the position.

Tip 6
There is no specific or set time for calling if you do not get the feedback on your letter but ideally waiting for a week's time is sufficient before establishing contact once again.

Tip 7
While talking to the interviewer for a follow-up; sound as much professional and polite as possible. The first question to be asked should be concerning the hiring decision. If the answer is yes, then you can get to know who
has been hired for the position. But if the answer is no then you can ask that when can you give a follow-up call again or whether there is a chance of a second interview.

Tip 8
While doing follow-up with different companies, do not forget to keep the process of job-hunting active. You do not want to miss out on other opportunities just because you are confident about getting selected at one place.

Tip 9
While discussing your position with your future employer, you can definitely mention other job offers and capitalize on them to negotiate on your profile and salary.

Tip 10
Remember, for every person that you make a contact with, it is important to have a fruitful relation irrespective of whether they are able to help you out presently or not. You never know when a contact might come handy.

The basic premise of a follow-up is based on establishing a network that will give you the required edge in your career. Make the most of this strategy to keep yourself ahead, not just after an interview but also for your succession throughout your career. Share on

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