Tips how can HR people work remotely during COVID -19 on work from home environment

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What are the roles of an HR team?

HR plays a very significant role in any organization. Their common work is to manage all human resources-related data and issues from the time they enter the organization until they leave it. Some of the common functions are managing data of the previous employer like what was the profile over there, salary package, location ETC. Within the organization, they have to make sure that the employee is treated properly provided a healthy working environment. In case any dispute happens, they should work as a mediator and resolve the issue with proper documentation. Also, in the situation of any compliance breach, they must take proper action as per the compliance policy.

Now, in the COVID-19 situation, the working condition has changed now most of the employees working under the work from the home model. This new working condition has brought a new working environment and new challenges for the HR people. Now they have to make sure all the above mention function without being physically presence of the employees. Now the question arises how they can function without being in contact with the people. Here are some tips which can help them to work from home.

Create a digital platform for communication

In this digital age of technology, there is a different kind of communication devices obtainable most common is the mobile phone. Now we have different apps like what’s app available to get connected with a huge number of people. HR can create a group of all the employees who are under their responsibility. This common bridge can join both HR with the employee where both can communicate any common message or information related to the organization they are working with.

A platform for personal communication

With the help of IT, the platform can be created for the specific department like HR payroll etc. for communicating separately. There can be a portal created for HR to send personal issues or problem. With the help of these mediums, issues can be routed directly to the related department on a personal level.

Use fact to face contact facilities without being physically present.

There are situations in the organization where face to face interaction is needed to resolve the issue or communicate any personal level information. To handle this situation video calling can be the best option to interact and give personal attention. Infect, this can be helpful for them to do a video conference with the management and share the information and employee-related details.

People engagement through digital media

As personal contact is not possible in this COVID-19 situation; however, HR needs to make sure that the employees must feel connected with the organization we well. Not just as an employee but also as a member of the organization. For creating this feeling, the HR team can do people enjoy activities like an online Yoga session, dancing from home, also helpful sitting exercise tips which can be very much beneficial while working from home.

Creating a sense of accountability and responsibility towards the organization

As no monitoring can be done physically on employees in work from the situation. There can be the possibility of breach of data confidential data, and this can be a very harmful situation for the organization. Without the physical presence, this can only be done by creating a sense of responsibility and accountability towards the company compliance policy and confidentiality. Sessions can be arranged for this awareness by the HR team.

Digital platform for motivating towards work

Apart from empowering remote workers to perform up to their full potential, the proper placement of digital HR solutions can work wonders for rationalization core business processes and getting rid of recruitment inadequacies at the same time. Therefore, make sure that you severely follow the aforesaid remote working tips for HR and utilize the latest automation tools to recruit top-notch talent successfully around the clock.


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