Scope and Future Prospects of Mechanical Engineering In India

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Mechanical Engineer jobs in Mumbai

Mechanical engineering, one of the oldest branches of Engineering, deals with the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of machines. With the advent of modern technology, the domain of this evergreen branch of engineering has extended and now its students are opting for learning robotics, nanotechnology, etc. Now, you may be wondering, whether students should still opt for mechanical engineering or not. The lack of job offers to graduates has de-motivated students to choose mechanical engineering as a stream. But don't worry, Mechanical Engineer jobs in Mumbai are increasing day by day and are offering lucrative opportunities to skilled mechanical engineer students.

Scope Of Mechanical Engineering

The scope of mechanical engineering includes the design and manufacturing of industrial machinery, the best state-of-the-art motor vehicles, and aircraft. Moreover, the maintenance and testing of such machinery are key responsibilities of mechanical engineers. The mechanical engineering field engulfs the concepts of thermodynamics, mechanics, fluids, and structural analysis. Not only machinery and vehicles, mechanical engineers learn to develop engines, complex machinery systems, and power equipment. They learn the application of material science, physics, and applied mathematics.

New Trends & Future Scope

With the advancement of new technology, the scope of mechanical engineering has expanded and new domain includes robotics, geomechanics, nanotechnology, and computer-aided design. Many engineers opt for robotics and mechatronics, which are the combinations of mechanical engineering stream with other streams.

  • Robotics : Robotics is a combined stream of mechanical engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering. It aims at designing and developing robotic systems. Mechanical engineering aims to develop computer systems that control robotic systems. The demand for Robotics as a stream is expected to grow in the coming decade with the start of the AI revolution.
  • Mechatronics : Mechatronics is a combination of mechanical engineering, IT (Information Technology), and electrical engineering. The scope of mechatronics ranges from designing complex engineering systems to processing automation.

With the widening of the scope of mechanical engineering, mechanical engineers are not limited to the manufacturing industry anymore but also they get the opportunity in other industries with good remuneration packages. But of course, these facilities are for skilled and proficient engineers.

The Present Market Scenario
Though the average yearly income of mechanical engineers is below Rs.3.5 lakhs, knowledge of robotics and electrical systems will help you to get a better pay package. Though now the pay offer is lower than computer science, it will rise again. According to the global consultancy firm Deloitte, India is expected to create more new opportunities for mechanical engineers in India in the nearby future.

Job Prospects For Mechanical Engineers

  • Designing : Drafting technical sketches with tools or computers
  • Production : Supervision of the manufacturing machines and production process
  • Testing : Testing of machine parts and checking for faults
  • Installation & Maintenance: Installation of machine parts and their proper maintenance
  • Research : Research and implement newfound products using the latest technologies

Top Recruiting industries For Skilled Mechanical engineers
There will be always a huge demand for skilled mechanical engineers in the following top industries:

  • Automobile Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Robotics And Mechatronics
  • Power And Metal Plants

There will be a gap between the demand and supply of mechanical engineers in near future. The demand for skilled mechanical engineers will exceed the supply. Though several new trends and technologies have been introduced, most of the colleges follow the old curriculum. Therefore, there is a lack of skilled engineers. The lack of skills and proper knowledge in mechanical engineers are throwing challenges to newly graduated engineers to get a good job. Now it is the responsibility of all mechanical engineering colleges to bridge the skill gap. The mechanical engineers should be well-versed with new technological knowledge, coding, and communication skills Share on

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