Things to avoid While Leaving a Job

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2020-10-23

Things to avoid While Leaving a Job

So you have finally decided to leave your job and work somewhere else? But keep one thing in mind when you are now ready to head to your new job and new responsibilities. Even if you are leaving your job, it does not give you the authority to badmouth your previous employers and colleagues or to take revenge for their actions. It will do them no harm, but it will definitely damage your reputation. There are certain things which you should not do when you leave your job. Let us go through them so that you can make this transition in a healthy manner.

  • Don't Forget To Ask For Reference- What your previous employer thinks about you matters a lot, whether its good or bad. It would be to your benefit if he thinks well about you. No matter what their mindset, it is essential to affix a reference letter along with your resume for your next job. If you are not able to get a good reference, at least try to get a neutral one.
  • Telling Off Your Boss Or Colleagues- If you are leaving the company on good terms, then you would not tell off your boss or colleagues. On the other hand, if you have been asked to leave to leave the job due to your fault or for some other reason, then you would be bursting to tell your future employer what you think of him. DON'T. No matter how much they deserve it, you should avoid doing it. You never know, you might have to work with those same people again in some other place in the future.
  • Damage Company Property Or Steal- Don't behave like a small child who has been asked to leave a classroom due to bad behavior. Yes, you have been asked to leave your job and you are feeling resentment towards your employer but that does not mean you behave immaturely. Ok, so you are angry but does that anger justify breaking company furniture or stealing company property? It surely does not. Apart from having your reputation damaged, you could end up in jail for vandalism and theft.
  • Badmouthing Employer or Co-Worker To Your Replacement- If you have lost your job it does not mean you brainwash your successor and turn him against your boss and colleagues. First of all, your successor will think that the employer was wise to do away with you. Secondly, your successor will know when he interacts with his employer and colleagues, what type of people they are. Thirdly, nobody asked for your opinion, so stay quiet.
  • Badmouthing Employer To A Prospective Employer-This is the worst attitude. If you badmouth your employer in front of your prospective employer, it creates a bad impression about you. Nobody knows what your employer did to you, so do not spread it around. Your prospective employer will never employ you as he will wonder whether you will badmouth him as well in the future.

So now you know what you should NOT do before you leave your job. Even if you have been asked to leave your job for no fault of yours, take it gracefully. It is not the end of the world. You can certainly find another job and make a success out of the next chance. Share on

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