Perfevt Ways to Describe Yourself in a Job Interview

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Interview Tips | Last Updated: 2010-10-28

Do you get stuck most of the times when you are asked in interviews to tell something about yourself? Don't worry you are not the only one who faces this problem. There are lots of people who often get confused when it comes to answering this basic question.

'Tell me something about yourself'. This is the first question an interviewer asks to know a candidate in a better way so that he/she can be analyzed on the basis of the answer given. But sometimes, the interviewee is not able to give a coherent reply, leaving a negative impression on the interviewer. Sometimes you become perplexed to answer the world's easiest question and start having queries of your own. Why is it so hard to answer this question? What does the interviewer want to know about me? What is the best way to answer this question? What is the use of CV, when I have to verbally tell everything?

Well the fact is that, this is the question which can easily explain the important attributes of your personality, which your CV can't explain. The first few lines of your answer can exhibit your attitude, approach and level of confidence.

Why you need to be prepared for this question?

No doubt your CV can present a good picture of yourself in front of the interviewer, but it's an incomplete one. You should take this question as an opportunity and answer precisely as it reflects your attitude and thought clarity. But remember, don't go over board, don't make any contradictory statements because the interviewer is an experienced person and can easily analyze whether you are making right statements or just praising yourself.

Stay Relaxed

Don't hesitate and be confused while answering this question. You are facing one of the easiest questions. And remember, you are the only one who can answer this question well. Before going for an interview, prepare yourself for this question, make the major points you want to be known by others. Justify yourself, why are you the right candidate for the job? You can explain about your special skills, a unique experience that you haven't stated in the CV or anything information that will shed some light on your personality.

Be Prepared

  • Before you go for an interview, make a list of points regarding your role and experience in the previous company.
  • If, it's your first interview, you can tell about your knowledge and work approach, which positions you as the right candidate.
  • Express strongly about what you think about yourself, and only then you can confidently answer this question. Your points should be appropriate to the position that you are applying for.
  • At last, practice these points by visualizing yourself in
    an interview. Keep the points in a synchronized manner so that it becomes easy to understand what you want to convey about yourself.

Following these tips will surely make your first impression the best impression. So go ahead and give your best!

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