Winning the Ground War at Work

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Work Place Tips | Last Updated: 2018-01-25

In the current scenario, workplace is no less than a battlefield where every day you meet new challenges or targets. The most important thing in any war is a full-proof strategy. That same war strategy has to be applied at your workplace as well. The trick is to learn to combat the challenges thrown on you. How you combat a certain challenge and how effective is the approach towards that challenge determines your place in a company or an organization. Let us march through the various challenges you can face at your workplace and find the most effective way of combating them. There can be challenges related to your assigned work, software related problems, time management problems and problems related to office tools and supplies. Let us go through each one by one.

  • Know Your Work- The most important thing about working in an organization is having complete knowledge of the work that is assigned to you. If you are not aware of your responsibilities, then your opponents can take advantage and surge ahead, leaving you to look after your would-be-successful-career if you had shown more dedication towards your work.
  • Software Related Problems- In every office there are skilled and unskilled workers. Unskilled are not necessarily unskilled in everything but in areas, which are not related to their field. One major war you can face in a company is having knowledge about subjects and areas, which are not related to the work assigned to you. It is the world of technology, where everything is done on computer and everything is connected by the Internet. There are people who are well aware of how to use computers but are unaware about its other functions and software. This is where you can win the war. You be the LETS-GO-TO-ABC type of person to whom everyone comes with their software related problems. It requires just a little extra time and effort.
  • Time Management Problems- Time is irreversible. You must never let go of an opportunity and in the same way never let go of time. The most important thing at your workplace is the management of time. Everything done at its proper time is appreciated but anything done too early or too late is regarded worthless. Learn to manage your time while undertaking your assigned work. Don't think your boss is not noticing your frequent phone calls or the number of times you have left your seat to get beverages or use the washroom. Do everything in its proper time and you would have won the biggest battle of all.
  • If your boss is asking you for a notepad, get him a notepad not a notebook. Learn to differentiate between different office tools and supplies. Be aware of all the office tools and supplies so that you are able to get and find the appropriate one when asked to do so. Your ability to fulfill the demands of your boss can help you win many wars in the short and the long term.

Follow the above mentioned points and consider the work war won. These are some the major points to be kept in mind besides others, which must be important as well but not more so.

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