Smart Ways To Answer The 5 Most Common Job Interview Questions

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Whichever job you apply, there is a set of questions that remain similar across the interviewers’ community. Although, these questions aren’t related to the core profile; however, interviewers consider them pivotal in deciding the capability and eligibility of the candidate. These are not the job-specific questions; they talk more about the candidate, his/her weakness, strength, career goals and why they deserve to get the job. If answered smartly, these questions can significantly increase the candidate’s chances of getting the job. That being said; given below are the 5 most important job interview questions that are usually asked in job- interviews along with the smart ways to answer them. So, just read on…

Tell Me Something About Yourself”

Almost all the job interviews start with the interviewer asking this question. You should not start rambling about your life history, job experiences etc., as the interviewer already has your CV for that.

Smart Answer

The smart way to answer the introductory question is to give a 15 -30 second brief about yourself and then proceed to indirectly convey the interviewer why you are the right fit for this job. Tell them about the work you have done, the hobbies and other things which show that you perfect for the profile. It is always advisable to prepare this question beforehand so as to look confident while delivering your introductory speech.

Why Do You Think You Are Perfect For This Job?”

In this question, the interviewer does not want to hear you rant about your qualification and professional experience. Anyone can do that! What the interviewer actually wants is to know why they should choose you over the other candidates.

Smart Answer

You need to talk about your most impressive strengths and qualities that can be beneficial for this job. Remember to relate all your skills and expertise to the job profile while talking about your unique skills. Focus on how you can benefit the company. Again, it’s always advisable that you prepare for this question in advance and have some examples set apart that you can cite when asked this question.

What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?”

Most of the candidates answer the first part and avoid answering the latter. Both the parts of this question carry equal weight. Through this question, the interviewer wants to know how informed you are about your own self.

Smart Answer

While talking about your strengths is not a difficult task but one needs to focus more on the qualities that make you the ideal candidate for the job. Coming to the more important part, most of the interviewees avoid answering the weakness part saying that they don’t have any weakness. You need to be honest in telling your weakness to the interviewer. However, in order to answer it smartly, you can be strategic and tell them how you also plan to overcome this weakness.

Where Do You Find Yourself In Five Years?”

This is one of the most dreaded questions for any interviewee. The interviewer seeks to know about your career goals and how ambitious you are (or over-ambitious) through this question.

Smart Answer

While answering this question, the candidate needs to have a career strategy in mind so as to look confident. Stress about having a long term career at the particular company and how the job position would help you achieve your career goal.

What Are Your Salary Expectations?”

This is one of the most anticipated job interview questions for any interviewee, and why wouldn’t it be? You are aiming for this job so as to get a good package. However, some candidates get flown away in excitement and utter any number.

Smart Answer

First of all, the candidate needs to do a little research for this question. Do some homework and know how much salary is normally expected out of this position. However, when asked, try to skip the question by asking more about the job responsibilities. Try to let the interviewer say the numbers first and then only disclose your expectations. Have a salary range and not a particular number to leave room for negotiations.

These were some of the common questions that can be asked in a job interview. However, don’t limit your homework to these questions, research about the more specific interview questions for the profile. Be prepared with smart answers for all the questions to boost up your confidence. Good luck for your interview! Share on
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