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By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Search Tips | Last Updated: 2011-10-14

With the rapidly growing economy, job opportunities are in abundance. Every sector in the economy is replete with myriad job prospects for all and sundry. However, searching for the right job profile that suits your skill set and compliments your talent is cumbersome at times due to many preferences and many options. But Internet has, indeed revolutionized the way we search for jobs. With internet reaching out to every section of the society, it has become the easiest mediums to search for the right job, with fewer hassles.

Today, every organization or corporate house notifies about any latest job vacancy, on the Internet. Moreover, many online job portals have opened shop, which assist prospective job seekers to reach out potential employers. One can easily upload the resume or the CV on one of these portals, where various companies can view the profile of the candidates and contact those who fulfill the eligibility criteria. However, one needs to keep in mind, few important points, while searching for jobs on the internet.

One must always keep a copy of the resume active even if you are not looking for an opportunity. Uploading a dummy resume online will help you to keep in touch with job opportunities around you.

One must login in to job websites and minutely modify the resume on a regular basis. Most recruiters usually try to search the most recently updated resumes. Hence, this will ensure that your resume always stays on top.

The first half of the resume must highlight all your technical capabilities, as it will generate interest in the employers. The resume must have formal language and must strictly adhere to set formats.

One can also search the internet to find the specific keywords related to the job for e.g. marketing & sales reps can insert some words in the resume and the space provided for enlisting skills in the form. Words like 'business development executive', 'marketing executive', 'sales executive', 'sales representative', 'sales skills', 'good communication skills' are often used by recruiters to search for resumes.

Hence, using the internet proves to be very important platform for those looking for lucrative job offers. Share on

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