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How Placement Agency Helps Both Employees And Employers

By: Admin | In: Career News | Last Updated: 2018-07-12

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Equipped with digital power, employers and job seekers often feel that they don’t need placement agencies. While employers have a number of applicant tracking systems, resume screening software and various other tools and technologies to facilitate hiring process, the job seekers have also started performing their job search by leveraging the power of internet. But practically either of them isn’t totally self-sufficient, later or sooner both need the support of placement agencies.

A recruitment agency is still pivotal in the jobs industry; be it in helping the employers find the talent while saving time, resources or manpower for talent acquisition or assisting the employees in getting placed in their dream company quickly and easily. Indeed, the placement agencies help the employers as well as the employees in various direct and indirect ways. And the major ways have been discussed below.

How Placement Agencies Help Employees?
There are different ways in which placement agencies can help the employees in finding their ideal jobs. They maintain a large database of employers and can easily find the suitable job according to the skill set, experience, and qualification of the seekers. Here are different ways in which placement agencies help employees:

  • Match With Company Culture: There are different occasions in which employees, even after selection, do not retain in the company because of the company culture. Placement agencies take special care of the fact that the personality of the employee is in sync with the company culture. They understand the company culture first and while finding a candidate, they ensure that the candidate who would be able to gel in the company culture is only shortlisted.
  • Assist In Salary Negotiation: Placement agents act as negotiators between the employee and employers in case of any salary issue. They hear out the case of both, the employer and the employee, to come to a negotiation. If the job seekers are demanding a higher salary but the employer is not ready for the same, the placement agents come into play and negotiate with the employer to help the employees get their desired salary.
  • Train For Better Roles: In order to find the best job for the job seekers, the placement agencies have to study the profile of the candidate. In many cases, the placement agencies can also help the job seekers in finding better job roles in bigger firms. They understand the requirement of the job and train the job seeker accordingly to help the get better roles.

How Placement Agencies Help Employers?

Placement agencies not only assist the job seekers in getting placed in their dream job role but also help the employers in finding the right talent for their vacant position. They have a large database of job seekers and can quickly find the right match for any job opening, thus saving the employer’s time and resources otherwise invested in finding the right candidate. Here are the different ways in which placement agencies help employers:

  • Attract Hidden Talent: When an employer searches for an employee, they can only reach the talent pool that is actively searching for a job. A placement agent, on the other hand, is also connected to those candidates who are passive or already employed in some other company. They can fetch the hidden talent and help the employers reach out to a larger pool of talent.
  • Screen Candidates Before Shortlisting: Another way in which placement agencies ease the work for employers is by screening the candidates before shortlisting them for interviews. The agencies have different processes and screening systems that not just screen the candidates’ resumes but also take different rounds of telephonic interviews or even face to face interviews to screen the candidate.
  • Identify Candidates With Role-Specific Qualities: The placement agencies have expertise in identifying the role-specific qualities of the candidates and matching them with the job vacancy. They can easily screen the candidate based on their skill-set. They focus on the role-specific qualities and fetch candidates that have those qualities.

Whether it is about helping the employers or the employees, placement agencies play a key role in the job industry. They save the time, money, efforts, and other resources of both the employers as well as employees. One can easily find the top placement agency in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and other metro or tier II cities of India to fulfill their employment or manpower needs.

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