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Outsourcing is a practice where a company hires or enters into an agreement with an external organization or service provider to perform certain operations or functions. India has always been appreciated for its skilled manpower. It has become a popular choice for meeting the manpower outsourcing requirements of several companies across the world. With the vast pool of numerous recruitment agencies providing the ultimate outsourcing solutions, India has emerged as a popular center for several big names. The outsourcing companies in India provide various services like manpower outsourcing, contract staffing, temporary staffing, payroll outsourcing etc. This practice is widely accepted because it results in the price reduction of overall project/process.

Who Is Going For Outsourcing And Why?

Large Corporate Houses, Public Sector Companies and Government Organizations go for Manpower Outsourcing when they need manpower for a specific assignment and do not want to hire new staff for brief-term jobs. The major advantages of manpower staffing and outsourcing are:

  • Reduction in the employment expenses
  • Minimization of long term liabilities
  • Retaining the head count
  • Meeting the requirements of seasonal increase in the business

Type Of Manpower Outsourcing Done By Indian Agencies

While outsourcing, the outsourcer should look for a company that can understand and coordinate with the preferences and methods of their working. There are a large number of recruitment agencies and placement companies in India that work 24x7 and can provide the most adept professionals to suit the requirements of large MNCs and international companies. The companies are capable of providing dexterous employees in a number of fields like Telecommunication, Law, Finance & Accounting, FMCG, Education, Information Technology Engineering, Healthcare and Science.

The services that can be obtained through companies offering outsourcing of manpower include:

  • Transferring of ad hoc employees
  • Transferring of contractual employees
  • Project based recruitment
  • In house/on site support of contractual employees

Moreover, the companies also provide staffing solutions to the clients. These agencies maintain a database of the most suitable candidates and are capable of recommending the best ones. The companies through their skill and trained workforce can also undertake the screening and interviews of the candidates and thus provide the ultimate staffing solution at a fraction of the cost that the company would be otherwise bearing.

Therefore, manpower outsourcing and manpower staffing in India is a very productive option for MNCs and other foreign companies. They can avail the most cost effective service and best solution for their manpower needs whether on a temporary or ad hoc basis. So, outsourcing has emerged as a preferred choice of companies for assigning the task to a trusted agency to effectively meet the staffing needs. Share on

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