Leaving Your Job: Marking End Of Trail

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Career Tips | Last Updated: 2020-07-31

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The decision of leaving your current job is as hard as jumping off a cliff. But, certain times leaving a job is all you can do. New career opportunities, better position, money or boredom from current job are the few reasons that force people to leave the job and switch. At times, the pain of current job becomes unbearable and there is no other option than let go.

Few Warning Signs Marking The Dead-End Of Your Current Job

  • You have no personal life and if at all you have then it is miserable
  • Feeling that your boss is not supportive of you inculcates within
  • You are not friendly with your colleagues
  • You aren't proud of the firm for which you are working
  • You don't have a sense of achievement
  • Your current job is quite different from your desired career path
  • You have completed more than 10 years in the organization
  • Your talent is not recognized and you aren't respected for the work you do

Work culture is bad
If you are also facing any of such situations then surely it is the 'End Of The Trail' and the time for you to search a new job has arrived. Don't let things get worse so that you face any of the above mentioned warning signs. Periodically assess your career and make a right decision by choosing the right job for you. Better know what you want to do in life and more importantly know yourself to avoid any unnecessary situations in your career path.

What You Should Not Do While Leaving Your Job?

  • Don't insult your boss or employers while leaving your job, even if they deserve
  • Don't steal or damage company's property
  • Don't badmouth any co-worker or your employer
  • Don't badmouth you employer when you go for interview

Hence, be wise while making a decision of leaving a job and measure all the pros and cons to tread a successful career ahead.

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