Motivate Employees:Here Are The Techniques For Employee Motivation!

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An old fable says that one can take a horse to the water but cannot force it to drink; it will drink only if it's thirsty. This same principle is applicable to humans as well. People tend to do what they feel is right unless advised to do otherwise.

In an office, it becomes the duty of the manager / superior to motivate his / her employee as it is a proven fact that well-motivated employees are extra industrious and innovative. An altruistic approach to treating the staff and respecting human dignity in all its forms is an absolute must for the growth of the organization and its employees.

For creating constructive employee motivation, it is important to treat the staff as important members of the organization, for it is a fact that the staff is the most essential element in the organization.

The following are the tips, which can create employee motivation and drive the staff to work at their best element.

  • Positive Support- Encouraging feedback from the manager is always desirous by the staff and acts as an excellent inspiring force.
  • Effectual Discipline And Punishment- The manager should implement discipline for enhanced productivity keeping in view that the employee is skilled in his / her own rights and would not like to be nagged.
  • Fair Dealings- Being in a superior position, the manager has to ensure he / she takes a clear understanding of each situation. In this process, he should not be biased with any employee.
  • Gratifying Employees Requirements- At each step, the manger must ensure the employee is at ease while at work and hence it is crucial to cater to the requirements in the best possible manner.
  • Targeting Goals Pertaining To Work Set achievable goals for the employee such that with a pleasant and stress free mind the employee can work to the best of his capacity.
  • Reshuffling Allocations- All the employees must be given a fair chance to work on various domains, such that uniformity is maintained among all the members
  • Recognition Based On Job Performance- The appreciation of performing / efficient employees is very crucial. Reward for excellent performance is a boost for the recipient and a motivational force for co-workers to work better.

The above mentioned are some of the basic techniques to motivate employees and create a healthy working environment. But it is be noted that situations vary from organization to organization and these strategies can be mix and jumbled to suit varied circumstances with a pinch of one's own personal experience. Share on
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