How to answer 8 most common interview questions

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What do you think is the most imperative step of a recruitment process? Interview is the most integral part of a recruitment procedure. The word 'interview' sends jitters down the body of the candidates. Nervousness and shakiness instantly hits the candidates. Whether it's a fresher or an experienced candidate, interview scares all.

Preparation for an interview :-
You can join a placement agency that conducts interview training sessions
Make an online search for the do's and dont's during an interview
Can join personality development classes

Like a student who wishes to get a hint of the examination questions, candidates also searches for predictable interview questions and their answers. If you are the one looking for such a write up, then here your search ceases. We provide you with some sure shot questions and the way to prepare them.

1. Tell me about yourself
This is largely the first question that is asked by the interviewer. This question is asked in order to start the conversation. The answer to this should be straightforward and describing you as a personal brand. Simply tell them your qualifications and your skills.

2. What were responsibilities that handled in your last job?
This answer is to be answered in detail and very specifically. Always relate your responsibilities of the last or the current job with the job that you are being interviewed for.

3. What is your greatest weakness?
Everyone has some or the other weakness. While answering this question always ensure that you portray your weakness into your strength.

4. What is your greatest strength?
The answer to this question should be such that your strength becomes your asset. Answer this truthfully but don't go overboard and boast about yourself.

5. Why do you want this job?
While answering this question, don't show them that you are in need of the job. You just have to tell them your interest is due to the job profile as well as the reputation of the concerned company.

6. Why should we hire you?
In simple terms the interviewer asks you about your USP. You just have to demonstrate your skills and achievements by giving firm examples.

7. What are your salary expectations?
You must have a fair calculation of what salary you want. Take some time to answer this question and quote the figure very patiently.

8. What are your goals for the next five years / ten years?
This question is asked in order to know how focused you are and whether you have an aim set for yourself. Answer it by giving a detail about your future goals.

The aforementioned are the most commonly asked questions but there are several others that can be asked. No question is tough, you just have to understand them and answer them confidently and candidly. Share on

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