5 Skills to Learn to Enhance Your Career as a Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operator

With digitalization, the demand for data entry jobs is on a constant high. With both public and private sector organizations looking to hire skilled data entry operators for feeding data in the company computers. A professional Data Entry Operator can work from both office spaces as well as online. A job of a data entry operator is of a wide variety and requires certain skills to perform the required job efficiently.

To become a data entry operator the person should have passed higher secondary and possess computer literacy. People with experience are always preferred by an organization as it helps easy transition to the new work environment. The role of data entry operator is entering the required accounts & customer data clearly and efficiently from the source document, sorting, editing, complying, reviewing the database for error to help record and analyze the data received by the company regularly. To perform all the above tasks a data entry operator requires certain skills.

Listed below are few skills to acquire before becoming a professional data entry operator.

  • Language Skill : A job of data entry requires the individual to have good knowledge and command of the chosen language for performing a data entry job desired by the company or organization. People can opt for different languages like Hindi, English, etc for the data entry jobs in different organizations. Having proper knowledge of grammar or punctuation is necessary as a data entry operator is required to rectify mistakes in the document or enter numeric data for the company.
  • Typing Speed : This skill is a must for data entry jobs . For clerical work such as data entry job, excellent typing skill along with accuracy is important. The standard typing speed for data entry job is 35 to 40 words per minute for specified target data entry work given by the hiring company. Many online websites offer great job opportunities for data entry jobs for people possessing good typing skills.
  • Knowledge Of Numeric Keys : The knowledge of the numeric key is another essential skill to possess for a data entry job in your desired company. As a data entry operator, you must have sufficient knowledge for spreadsheets programs along with numeric keys to efficiently perform your work. Professional looking for data entry jobs should be well versed in MS office and MS excel to get their desired job.
  • Application Of Office Equipment : As a professional data entry operator, you should have basic knowledge of various types of office equipment such as scanner, photocopier, computer, etc. This will allow you to perform their job effectively and smoothly.
  • Presentation Skill : Apart from the above- mentioned skill a data entry operator requires to have great presentation skills to ensure that the recorded data is available in a clear and precise way if and when required by the company. This leads to smooth functioning and monitoring of the various departments of the company and enhances the productivity of the hiring company. Therefore people looking for data entry jobs should work on improving or enhancing their presentation skills to get hired by their desired company.

The salary for the Data Entry Jobs depends on several factors typing speed, qualification, and the type of data entry job desired by the hiring company. However there is tons of job opportunity for aspiring data entry operator are various sectors like MNCs, banks, insurance firms, etc. The above-mentioned skills will allow you to grow and expand your new career for yourself. You will also be well- prepared for the interview round in your desired company as these skills are pre-requisite for data entry jobs and will help you to crack the round to finally land your dream job.


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