Common Job Search Mistake That Can Kill Your Chances

By: Anurag Gupta | In: Job Search Tips | Last Updated: 2020-07-07

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What do you think of the job hunting procedure? Searching a job for most of the people is wearisome. It is considered to be a difficult task as it involves lot of patience, time and have to bear rejections. Do you think the same? If yes then in this write up you can find ways to lessen the chances of your rejection in an interview.

Job hunting problems in the current times.
It is the world where competition is getting tougher as the candidates applying for the job are all equally qualified. The problem arises for the interviewers as it becomes difficult for them to choose among the qualified and talented candidates. So, in that case even the minor mistakes might end up in you being rejected or disqualified.

  • So, here are some mistakes that must be avoided while on a job hunt:
  • Grammatical errors in the resume or questionnaires :- Imagine your cover letter having a spelling or grammatical error. This is something that is a must to avoid as it offers a bad impression of you on the recruiters. Mistakes in the questionnaire or resume are considered to be lack of attention on the part of the candidate.
  • Avoid using strong perfumes or Deo's :- Strong fragrances might irritate some recruiters as some people are sensitive to certain smells. Also, you must avoid wearing flashy accessories as it gives a wrong impression to the recruiters.
  • Talk sensibly and behave normally :- Say NO to unacceptable terms or slang while having a conversation with the recruiter or interviewer. Most of the companies have their HR executives placed in the interview room only to judge the gestures and language of the candidate.

Sit in the right posture
Do not talk more than it is required
Offer thank you note :- Discuss the content with the recruiter and try to ask relevant questions. After being selected for a job you must offer a thank you note. Candidates not sending a note might loose respect in front of the recruiter Share on

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